Recap: Insurance Awareness Day

“Insurance is the only product that both the seller and buyer hope is never actually used.” – Unknown

Did you catch our blog last week about how to celebrate Insurance Awareness Day on June 28? The day may have passed, but it is never too late to reaffirm the importance of insurance in your life. If you haven’t yet, here are some of our suggestions for making sure that your insurance portfolio is in tip-top shape, and that you are ready for anything that will come your way:

  • Check out our blog archives for more information about the importance of having the right insurance coverage.
  • Call Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency for a free insurance review – you should do this at least once a year to ensure that your policies are up to date.
  • Refer a friend or family member to our agency for a free insurance quote – they may be able to get better coverage or a lower price on their policies.

Insurance may not be glamorous, but it is a crucial part of making sure that you and your loved ones would be financially covered if something were to happen to your home, car, health, etc., and that makes it worth celebrating on this Insurance Awareness Day!

If you need a free Boston insurance policy review for your home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, or any other product, simply call Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency at 617-298-0655.

June 28 is Insurance Awareness Day!

Throughout the year, there are many holidays to celebrate. Any given day seems to host at least a few different holidays. June alone has many – National Donut Day on the first Friday, Red Rose Day on the 12th, National Kissing Day on the 19th, Take Your Dog to Work Day on the Friday after Father’s Day – and the list goes on. Our favorite here at the Vargas and Vargas Insurance office, though, is without a doubt June 28th – Insurance Awareness Day.

As an insurance agency in Greater Boston, we are always on a mission to make sure that our clients know how important it is to have proper insurance coverage for all of the valuable things in life – from your home to your car to your business, and even your health and life itself!

In honor of Insurance Awareness Day, we have a few ideas for things that our clients and their families can do to ‘celebrate’ this important holiday. If insurance is a part of your life, we encourage you to pick out one or a few of the items on this list, or even make your way through the whole thing!

Read Our Blog Archives

Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency has been serving the Greater Boston area for many years, and we have been sharing a portion of our knowledge with you, our customers, through our blog posts. Take a moment and learn something about insurance by looking back onto our blog archive. We make it a point to post about our insurance expertise and about this great city that we call home. Hopefully you find something useful while perusing and visit the blog often for more updates.

Teach Your Kids About Insurance

In today’s world, many kids graduate high school without knowing how insurance policies work! This is concerning, so on this Insurance Appreciation Day take the opportunity to teach your kids what insurance is, and why it is important to have. This can be done with kids of almost any age. Here is an article from Pocket Sense about how to do this in order to take one additional step toward preparing your children for their impending independence.

Review Your Insurance Policies

Your life is always changing. You go through new challenges as you get older. If you have children, they are maturing day by day. You need to make sure that your insurance policies reflect that change. That’s why it is important to have a thorough insurance review at least once a year. Call your insurance agent and schedule a checkup for your home insurance, auto insurance, and any other insurance products that you carry. Ask about whether it’s time to think about life insurance if you don’t already have a policy.

Have a Little Insurance-Related Fun

“Insurance” and “fun” aren’t words that are usually used in the same sentence. Insurance tends to have a reputation for being tedious and boring – but it doesn’t have to be! Have some fun this year on Insurance Awareness Day and watch a movie, or at least a movie clip, with one of the world’s most loveable insurance agents – Ned Ryerson!

Plenty of other movies also have an insurance plot or sub plot, including The Rainmaker, Memento, The Truman Show, Death of a Salesman, and even The Incredibles (the second is now in theaters).

There are also a multitude of insurance comics out there that you can enjoy and share with your friends. Here are just a few examples from the very funny Randy Glasbergen.

Share an Insurance Story

Do you have a story about how insurance has helped you? Whether you have filed a home or car insurance claim, or if health insurance has ever let you focus on recovery rather than medical bills, we want to hear! Post to the Vargas and Vargas Insurance Facebook page about why you love insurance, and if our agency has ever gone above and beyond to help you, we hope that you will leave a review and tell others about our great work!

Recommend Our Agency

Do you have a friend or family member who needs an insurance quote or review? It would be our pleasure to help them! Just send them a link to this blog post or give them our phone number (617-298-0655). Our Massachusetts insurance quotes are always free, and there is no obligation to buy!

So, how will you celebrate Insurance Awareness Day this year? It may not merit a label on your calendar, but you will be glad that you took a few minutes out of your day to do something in celebration, whether it is learning something or getting a review of your existing policies.

Remember, it’s quick and easy to call your insurance agent for a free policy review, and you’ll be glad you did if you end up needing to make a claim in the future!

Recap: Boat Safety and More

“Solitude is not the same as loneliness. Solitude is a solitary boat floating in a sea of possible companions.” – Robert Fulghum

The first day of Summer isn’t until June 21, and that means one thing for those of you that own a boat – it’s time to start enjoying the water! The window of time during the year is shorter here in the Northeast, so start checking off your to-do list and invite your friends to spend the day on your watercraft. Here are just a few tips to keep you safe when you take a trip out:

  • Ensure that your boat is equipped with an emergency kit. It should have first aid supplies, as well as water and nonperishable foods. Check the kit once a year to refill anything that has been used, and to replace anything that has expired.
  • Before you go out, make sure that you verify that the weather will be good. Temperatures and rain forecasts can change on a dime, so it never hurts to be ready. For sunny days, make sure you pack plenty of water and some sunscreen for you and your passengers.
  • Never drink and boat. As with piloting a vehicle, boat operators must be under a certain blood alcohol level in order to legally drive.

For more tips, check out our full boat insurance post from last week. And remember, Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency offers five-star boat insurance in Massachusetts. Call 617-298-0655 to speak to one of our agents about how you can review your current watercraft insurance policy or get a quote on a new policy.

Recap: Boston Spring Events

Last week was the official beginning of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. As we prepare to feel the higher temperatures (not to mention firing up the grill and preparing to dive in to a swimming pool) we are marking our calendars for some of the great events going on in Boston over the next few months. Are you attending any of these?

  • Easter EggStravaganza! on March 31
  • Taste of Dorchester on April 26
  • Neponset River Cleanup on April 28
  • The Sound of Music from May 1-13
  • Dorchester Day on June 3

These are just a few of the events we covered in our full blog last week. Go to that post for the full details, as well as links to the events.

As the weather improves, we are starting that time of year when we leave our homes more and enjoy all that our wonderful city has to offer. Whether you’re taking a vacation or a day trip, make sure that you brush up on the following safety tips.

When you go out, make sure that someone knows where you are and has a way to contact you. If you’re taking children out with you, make sure they know what to do if they get lost, including how to contact a responsible adult.

So what types of events are you looking forward to attending this Spring? If we missed one, let us know on Facebook. And remember – Vargas and Vargas Insurance is here to help with all of your Massachusetts insurance needs!

The “Levels” of Valentine’s Day Relationships

Every February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day in a flurry of red roses and chocolates. Largely considered the holiday of romantic love, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your love to your significant other. How you do this will depend quite a bit on how long you’ve been together. So, which level of Valentine’s Day are you in this year?

  1. Newly Dating – There is nothing quite as exciting (or nerve-wracking) as a first Valentine’s Day with someone. Focus on getting a thoughtful gift that’s not too over the top.
  2. Getting Serious – If this isn’t your first rodeo with your beau, you probably have a better idea of what they like. This makes picking out a gift (or a restaurant) much easier.
  3. Committed – If Valentine’s Day is old hat to you and your significant other, you may want to get out of the rut. Instead of dinner and roses and chocolates, try a weekend getaway (or even just a staycation while the kids visit their grandparents).

Just remember that there is no ‘right way’ to celebrate. Whether you buy lavish presents or opt for a quiet night at home, the important part is to show your partner how much you care.

And don’t forget – as your relationship evolves, so should your insurance policies. When you get engaged, you need to make sure to insure the ring, and getting married is the perfect life event to spur a life insurance investment. Through all of your stages of relationships and life, Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency is here to help. If you ever have an insurance question, just call us at 617-298-0655 – we are always here for you.

How Should I Insure My Motor Home?

There are a number of factors to consider before finally settling on a motorhome insurance policy, and Vargas & Vargas Insurance wants you to have all the facts. If you live in Dorchester, MA, see what you can do to get the right amount of coverage. 

Consider Your Habits 

Some people purchase their motorhome as means to get away for a weekend or two out of every month, while other people want to live in it for nine months out of the year. If you’re planning on taking beat-up fishing equipment with you to the lake every now and again, you don’t necessarily need to buy a comprehensive policy. However, if you’re planning to load up your motorhome with plenty of expensive clothes, tools, or jewelry, then you’ll need to consider the limits on your policy before you take it for a spin. 

The Places You’ll Go 

Your insurance is based on what you do with your RV while you have it. If you plan to take it to treacherous areas, you’ll need to have some precautions set up against all the natural disasters that might occur. There’s also all the man-made disasters that can occur too. From a curvy mountain road to a precariously dangling tree branch to a hungry criminal, you’ll want to be as open and honest about what you’ll do so that you know you’re getting the right policy. You’ll be glad that you took this extra step if you have to make a claim later on.

If you have questions about how motorhome insurance works, call Vargas & Vargas Insurance. It’s our job to serve the people of Dorchester, MA, so everyone gets a motorhome policy that works. Let us take the reins to find you the best policy!

Questions Asked when Buying Auto Insurance

When you call Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency to get an auto insurance quote, your agent will ask you a series of questions about you, your car, and your driving habits. These questions are designed to assess your risk, and the premium that you will pay for your insurance policy. These questions should always be answered truthfully and to the best of your ability. Here are just a few examples of the questions your agent may ask:

  • Where do you live and park your vehicle? – The crime rate in the area where your vehicle is normally parked will be considered.
  • How much do you drive? – Someone is riskier to insure if they drive dozens of miles a day vs. someone that barely uses their vehicle.
  • Will you use your car for work? – Vehicles used for business purposes may require extra coverage to be fully protected.
  • Who else will be driving the vehicle? – Other drivers that live with you should be listed on the policy, including spouses and licensed children.

When determining your premium, your insurance agent will consider your answers to these questions, along with the make and model of the vehicle and other factors (including the minimum required insurance coverage in the state of Massachusetts).

Looking for an auto insurance quote? Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency may be able to save you money on your premium by shopping insurance providers to find you great coverage at a great price. Just call 617-298-0655 to get a free, no-obligation Massachusetts auto insurance quote.

Tips for Buying a New Car in Massachusetts

Are you in the market for a new car? Massachusetts shoppers should know that buying a new car is exciting, but the process can be complicated and is sometimes stressful. In order to be prepared for your new car shopping experience, review these four car buying tips:

  • Just like going to the grocery store, you should never go to a car dealership on an empty stomach. Test driving and making a car purchase can be a lengthy process, and you don’t want your state of mind to be altered by hunger.
  • Pick the most opportune time to go shopping. You want to hit the dealership when they are looking to meet quotas – often around the end of the month. At that time, they are more likely to give you a great deal.
  • Before you even think about going to a dealership, know the market prices for the cars you’re interested in. You should also look into loan rates at your bank or credit union to know if what the dealership offers is good for you.
  • Monthly payment isn’t everything. Often, the dealership’s representative will talk to you in terms of your monthly payment. Make sure that you also ask about the loan term, interest rate, and total cost.

Also, don’t forget that insurance expenses are a part of car ownership in Massachusetts. If you would like to know an estimate of insurance costs based on the vehicle makes and models that you are considering, call Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency at 617-298-0655 – we will give you a Massachusetts car insurance quote so that you are better prepared for your shopping adventure.

Tips for Buying Your First Condo

Condominiums are one of the best-kept secrets of the real estate world. When looking for a new home, some people still only consider buying a house or renting an apartment, without realizing that purchasing a condo may be the perfect balance between the two – allowing you to have the ‘best of both worlds.’ If you’re in the market for a condo in Boston, check out these buying tips:

  • Hire a professional Real Estate Agent to help you with your search. If you need a referral, please let us know so that we can connect you to a top-notch agent in the area.
  • When you’re looking for a unit, make sure that you consider resale value. More bedrooms and bathrooms, scenic views, and better school districts are just a few of the features that will make your condo more appealing the next time you look to move.
  • Consider the amenities offered at each condominium you tour. Does the complex have a gym? Laundry facilities? Rentable event space? These are all important things to think about when making your decision.
  • Before you make a final decision, make sure that you are clear on the extra fees associated with the unit you choose. Condos often have monthly maintenance fees, and some will charge property taxes separately.

Once you’ve found your perfect Boston condominium, make sure that you call Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency at 617-298-0655 to get a quote on Condo Insurance. This policy is tailored specifically for the needs of a condo owner, and will cover your personal belongings, your unit, and anything else not covered in your association’s master policy. For more information, or if you have any questions, simply call our office and speak to an agent!

Insuring a Vacant or Unoccupied Home


In today’s world, more and more properties are vacant or unoccupied. This happened for many different reasons, including dividing time between a primary residence and vacation home, leaving a property while it is being renovated or is on the market to be sold, a rental property being between tenants, and more.

Vacant and unoccupied properties present a risk to insurance providers – whether the unit in question is a home, apartment, or condominium. Vacant and unoccupied properties can attract vandals and thieves, and accidents are more likely to occur and have serious repercussions. Just consider this scenario – you leave your home unoccupied while you are on an extended vacation and a pipe bursts. The damage is likely to be substantial because there is no one in residence to notice and remedy the issue. This makes it easy to see why insurance companies have limits and provisions for these situations.

Oftentimes, a short trip away from your home is not enough for it to be considered vacant. Most insurance providers will require a place of residence to be unoccupied for 30 consecutive days before they begin to drop coverage.

Many insurance policies contain a vacancy provision. Two similar terms—vacant and unoccupied—have specific meanings in the language of insurance and are specifically defined in some policies. A vacant building contains little or no furniture or other personal property.


If you are planning on leaving your home, apartment, or condo vacant or unoccupied in the future, call your local insurance agent to ask about how to make sure that you stay covered by your Massachusetts insurance policy. Depending on your insurance provider, you may only need to pay a small fee to ensure that your current protection continues. In other cases, you may be required to purchase a special policy tailored specifically to a vacant or unoccupied property. For more information, call Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency at 617-298-0655 today.