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Winter Driving And Car Accidents

Winter is a good and delightful time of the year. It brings snow to make a cute snowman and enjoy a snowball fight with our friends and family. However, these attractive aspects can make winters dangerous for drivers. As the days get colder, the risk of road accidents increases. Therefore, taking precautionary measures and driving with complete focus is important to save your life. The NHTSA mentions many tips on their website, and here are some tips and tricks to drive your vehicle during cold weather safely.

Winter Driving Tips

Drive Slowly and Super Smoothly

The trick to safe winter driving in snow is being smooth with your accelerator, steering wheel, and brakes. Every push of the brakes, turn off the wheels, or throttle movement needs to be gentle, deliberate, and gradual. It would help if you tried to be as slow as you could while driving the car.

Avoid Involving in Distractions

Most accidents happen when the driver is distracted doing other things while driving. Therefore, avoid talking to the passengers when driving in extremely cold weather, never use your phone, eat food, or listen to music at high volume. You need to avoid every type of distraction if you want to avoid an accident.

Turn On Your Lights

Turning your lights on will help other drivers on the road to see you from far. Headlights can also make your vehicle visible on extreme fog days. This way, whenever other drivers notice you on the road, they will drive carefully around you.

Avoid Driving in Harsh Weather

This is another very important winter driving tip. Driving in winters can be extremely challenging. So, if you find yourself not having to drive in dangerous weather conditions, don’t push yourself to drive in these circumstances. Cancel your journey as soon as possible and head back to your house. If the weather is too harsh to get back to the house, go to the nearest place to relax until the condition becomes appropriate for driving.

Do You Need to Report Accidents?

Many people don’t report accidents if they are not serious. But this is a wrong approach. Not only do you reduce your chances of getting insurance coverage, but you can also save others. Wondering how? Well, report accidents to the authorities in your area to find ways to solve the problem. They first try to find the cause of your accident and then opt for different ways to resolve the issue. So, even if you had a bad experience, you can save others from going through the same trauma.

Wrapping Up

Besides the mentioned winter driving tips, you also need to install high-quality tires in your vehicle. It’s also vital to check the weather conditions before stepping out of your house. If you can, keep some important things on you while traveling long distances at night. This includes extra batteries, a torch, water bottles, and snacks. So, if you have to spend the night in your car on the roadside, you will have all the essentials to pass the night. Click here to read more.

Vargas & Vargas Insurance understands that sometimes you may not be able to stay off the roads and things happen. That’s why, as a premier local independent insurance agency, we strive to build the relationships necessary to customize your insurance coverage to your needs at the right price. Contact us today.

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Stay Merry and Bright: Winter Safety Tips

Can you believe that it’s December already? It feels like 2017 just started, but we’re getting ready to close the books on this wonderful year. This winter, we want to make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe so that you can enjoy the festivities of the holiday season. Here are just a few tips to help you avoid needing to file an insurance claim this winter:

  • Driving in the Massachusetts winter weather can be a hazard. Always be vigilant when on the road, and make sure to never get behind the wheel if you’ve had too much to drink. Check out our blog all about driving in the winter for more tips!
  • When there’s a fresh coating of snow on the ground, it’s a blast to play outside with the little ones. Make snow angels and build a snowman, but make sure that you take plenty of breaks from the cold, and know the signs of frostbite. Remember – children get cold faster than adults!
  • If you use a fireplace or candles, make sure that you never leave them lit unsupervised. Always make sure that fires are completely extinguished before you leave the room, and keep a vigilant eye on children and pets around flames.

Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends and family! Simply send them a link to this blog post – remember, sharing is caring… especially when it comes to safety. And stay on the lookout for many more holiday themed blogs this month from your friends here at Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency.

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Helping the Seniors in Your Life This Winter

Whether it is a family member or a neighbor, everyone knows an elderly person that may need a little bit of extra help this time of year. Do your part to help the seniors in our area, especially in the harsh winters of Massachusetts. Here are three things you can help with:

Prevent Falls – During the winter here in Massachusetts, things are often slick. This is a concern for everyone, but most of all for seniors, who are at an increased risk for injury from slip and fall accidents. To decrease the risk of a slip, keep sidewalks and driveways de-iced.

Ensure Warmth and Comfort – When the temperature drops, you should make sure that the seniors in your life stay warm and comfortable. Monitor the air temperature in their home, and ensure that heating devices like space heaters are used properly to reduce the risk of fire.

Prepare for a Storm – Seniors need to be somewhere safe during a storm. Ideally, they would have someone with them – this could mean that someone stays with them until the storm blows over, or that the senior is relocated to stay somewhere safe during bad weather.

And if you want to further help your senior family members, friends, and neighbors, make sure that they have optimized their home, health, and life insurance policies. If you suspect that one of your elderly loved ones could use a thorough insurance review, please let me know – I would love to help and make sure that they are fully prepared for the rest of their life’s journey.

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Driving Tips for Winter Months



Like it or not, it’s just going to get colder from here. We know that many of our customers are seasoned New Englanders who have driven in the snow and cold year after year, but it’s never a bad idea to brush up on safety! When you have to hit the road this winter, make sure that you keep yourself (and your passengers) safe by following these suggestions:

  • Never allow your car to warm up or run in an enclosed space, like a closed garage.
  • Ensure that your tires are properly inflated according to your manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Make sure that your gas tank is always more than half full in case of an emergency.
  • If your car gets buried in snow, take the time to clear it off completely before driving.
  • Never use hot water to de-ice your windshield.
  • Never use cruise control when driving on a slick surface.
  • When roads are snowy, accelerate and decelerate slowly to maintain traction.
  • Increase your follow distance when the roads are slippery.
  • If conditions get bad, don’t drive unless absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure that your car’s emergency kit is fully stocked at all times.

For more winter survival tips, stay tuned to our blog! And remember, it only takes a few minutes to get an auto insurance quote from your favorite local insurance agency! Your agent can ensure that you are getting all of the discounts for which you qualify, as well as ensuring that you have all of the coverage that you and your vehicle require.

Hopefully, this will help you If you fins yourself in a bad situation, or if you would like to speak with a Massachusetts insurance expert from Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency, just call 617-298-0655. We will be happy to help you understand your automobile, homeowners, and business insurance coverage options, and select the plan that’s best for your unique needs.


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