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Why Do You Need Mass Home Insurance?


When you invest in your own home, and choose to not take out Mass home insurance, you risk losing your house and the possessions inside of it. A fire, theft, hurricane, or another tragic event could happen. Most likely, your lender will require you to purchase some form of home insurance to protect their investment in the event the home is damaged or destroyed unexpectedly. Once your loan is paid in full, it is at your discretion to keep the insurance or not. However, you leave yourself open to paying for costly damages if you decide against it.

You might want to make sure that you insure your home for the replacement costs, rather than the actual cash value of it. You must take into consideration that value changes overtime, as building costs rise and additions are made. Some of the most common types of home insurance are basic, broad and special.

  • Basic provides coverage for fire and smoke damage, wind and hail damage, as well as vandalism and damage caused by misconduct.
  • Broad provides coverage for falling objects, structural collapse and weight of snow and ice damage.
  • Special provides coverage for structure and all of its contents.

Determining what kind of coverage and how much coverage is adequate can be a confusing task. Individuals who are interested in learning more about Mass home insurance can contact one of our experienced agents.


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Motorcycle Safety Tips and Insurance in Boston, MA for New Riders


Riding a motorcycle is different to driving an automobile. Many people think motorcycle riders are at greater risk than car drivers of being involved in an accident, which is why it is vital to have insurance in Boston, MA. Residents who are new riders should consider following the tips below to stay safe behind the handle bars.

1. Turning on a motorcycle can be tricky: Unlike in a car, when you are traveling at speed on a motorcycle you must turn your handlebars the opposite direction to where you want to go. When you want to go left, you must turn your handlebars slightly to the right. This is called counter steering. You also need to lean into the turn to help maneuver your vehicle in the right direction.

2. Avoid the center of the road: After years of grease building up on the surface, this section provides almost no traction. Instead aim for the area where the tires of a car roll.

3. Stay aware of the cars around you. Allowing your mind to wander could be deadly. It is vital to keep on the lookout for other vehicles making sudden left turns. This is considered one of the leading causes of death for motorcycle riders.

Even though your motorcycle is smaller than the average automobile, an accident can still be deemed your fault. Since most of us are not independently wealthy, it is essential to have insurance in Boston, MA. Riders with the proper coverage can get help with the medical bills, repair costs and settlements related to accidents they have been in. Contact our agency now to purchase your own policy.


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Stocking Stuffers for the Naughty and Nice


 stocking on fireplace mantle XMAS.jpg

*      iPhone: With the significant advancements in technology over the past five years, the new iPhone 4S will make an exceptional gift for any teenager.

*      Cell Phone Accessories: Support the iPhone you purchase with a case, car charger and a screen protector for your tech savvy child’s phone.

*      Kitchen Accessories: Future cook, baker or current master of the girl living amongst your family? Spatulas, cutting boards, knives, and measuring cups make fantastic useful stocking stuffers.

*      The Naughty Child: Buy him or her a bag of coal as a funny Christmas joke! Amazon currently sells two bags of coal for $6. 

*      Socks: Purchase aset of soft fuzzy socks to ensure your daughter will be warm and comfy around the fire this winter!

*      Movies: Choose a wonderful holiday movie to place in any stocking to enhance the holiday spirit!

*      Scratch Tickets: Who doesn’t like to gamble for free? Add a few scratch tickets in each stocking for a small cost!

 Don’t worry, you can have all of your valuable new gifts insured against many causes of loss Vargas & Vargas Insurance Agency.

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How to Keep an Expanding Business Organized with Commercial Insurance in Massachusetts


Business owners who are lucky enough to experience growth during this recession often learn that success is not an easy path. Along with adjustments to their commercial insurance, Massachusetts entrepreneurs may also find their business quickly getting out of hand. With more clients comes a greater need to stay organized. Not doing so could send your business into a downward spiral as clients are disappointed and your reputation suffers. Here are a few ideas on keeping things manageable.


A day planner should be your best friend. Many people turn to electronic devices to keep track of their schedule, but such equipment has two fatal flaws – they run on batteries and they can be hacked. Keep things simple and purchase a small planner you can carry around with you. Make a habit of looking at it each morning to get an idea of what lies ahead for you that day.

What office does not have filing cabinets? Many times it is not the absence of these, but improper use that leads to papers getting loss. Create a manageable and coherent filing system. Be sure to teach the arrangement to all of your employees and ensure that someone has the responsibility of regularly filing documents and putting away files. This will help to ensure that everything is in its place and easy to find when needed.


What is one of the most common mistakes business owners make during growth spurts? Many forget to review their commercial insurance in Massachusetts. Businesses without the proper coverage could find themselves in a difficult financial situation when disaster strikes. Protect your business and yourself by ensuring that your coverage keeps up with your growing business.

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Are Christmas Trees Safe?

christmas treet on fire.jpg


Millions of homes display Christmas trees during the holiday season. Who knew that these beautiful decorative trees could potentially destroy your home during this wonderful time of year! According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2005-2009, fire departments responded to 240 fires that were caused by Christmas trees. There were also 13 deaths, 27 injuries and $16.7 million in property damage annually during this time frame. Please use these safety tips to make your home and family safer during the holiday season.


Choosing a tree:


  • Artificial tree: Choose a tree that has a label for being fire resistant.
  • Real tree: Make sure the tree is full with green needles. When a tree has green needles, this means the tree is healthy and has a lot of water within it. Also find a tree that does not easily loose its needles when touching it. If a tree loses its needles easily, it means the tree is not very healthy.


Placing the tree in your home:

  • Position the tree at least 3-4 feet away from any heating element.
  • Do not place the tree in front of an exit.


Adding lights to the tree:


  • Only use indoor lights! Do not use outdoor lights inside your home.
  • Do not use lighting fixtures with loose bulbs or worn wiring.
  • Never put candles with a burning flame on the tree.
  • Be sure to turn off all lighting elements on the tree when exiting your home or going to sleep.


How to dispose of a used tree:

  • Remove any tree from your home that is losing its needles and drying out as the tree could potentially start a fire.
  • Contact your areas DPW (Department of Public Works) to see if they have a program for recycling trees.

How to ensure your home and family are protected during the event of a fire?


  • Call Vargas&Vargas Insurance Agency 877-550-0025 and have one of our customer service representatives review your home insurance policy. At Vargas Insurance we will make sure your loved ones and prized possessions are properly covered not just during the holiday season, but always!




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Quick and easy Holiday Decorating


holiday decorating.jpg

Quick and Easy Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season! 

With the holidays sneaking up on everyone and just around the corner, it feels like there isn’t
any time for shopping for gifts, cooking, and decorating. While shopping and cooking delicious foods can become overwhelming and expensive, why not keep it simple when it comes to decorating your home? These quick and easy tips brought to your proudly by Vargas&Vargas Insurance Agency, will help you save money, give you more time to


With the holidays sneaking up on everyone and just around the corner, it feels like there isn’t any time for shopping for gifts, cooking, and decorating. While shopping and cooking delicious foods can become overwhelming and expensive, why not keep it simple when it comes to decorating your home? These quick and easy tips brought to your proudly by  will help you save money, give you more time to


 complete other holiday necessities, and make your house look astonishing.

1. Pick a theme for your home. This will allow your shopping to be quicker, less expensive and make your home look and feel professionally designed.

2. Place a wreath with a ribbon attached to it on your doors facing the neighborhood. This will make the outside of your home look pleasant and it will make people feel welcome when entering your home.

3. Want a scent that will make your home smell fresh without having to worry about a flame being around your children? Place popery in decorative containers on counter tops to leave a holiday scent when entering or exiting the room.

4. If you are looking for a nature feel, walk around your back yard and pick up pine cones, berries, pines, and other fall nature items. Next, place these items strategically in a seasonal bowl or container where ever your heart desires.

5. Tree ornaments can be costly, so make it a family event each year to create new ornaments by using items from your local arts and crafts store.

6. Have a fire place that looks plain? Create stockings with your loved ones and hang them over the fire place to

7. Start collecting display items that can be passed down from generation to generation.

8. Strategically arrange furniture in living rooms to nfluence a group discussion and make the room feel cozier and welcoming.

9. Want your dinner table to look magnificent when your loved ones come over for your holiday dinner? Buy an inexpensive center piece that may consist of candles, flowers, incents or anything else that will make your table lively.

10. If there is a place in your home that needs to be filled, place glass cylinders filled with ornaments and other season decorations in them. This will look extravagant at an

For more holiday decorating ideas, visit

Thes tip idea brought to you by Vargas & Vargas Insurance Agency.

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All New Business Need to Consider Insurance in Boston MA Before Anything Else!



You might be feeling very confident now that you’ve established your office and taken out your business insurance in Boston MA. Businesses don’t always survive the first few years. Will you? One of the biggest mistakes many new business operators make is that they start out with an idea and a vague hope of making a fortune in the future, but they don’t set out a plan detailing how they will get there. Business is all about planning for the future, measuring your success, and doing some more planning. Here are three of the basics you’ll need to put in place if you hope to achieve something special.

Know your figures

Account for every cent that comes and goes and be aware of your financial situation at all times. Are you making a profit? How much profit are you making? How much is it costing you to bring new customers into your business? How much does each customer spend?

Plan your growth

When you have the right information at hand, you’ll be in a position to plan your marketing and growth. You’ll understand how much you ROI you get from various marketing activities, so you can make better decisions and begin to estimate outcomes.

Protect your investment

The fastest growing, most innovative business could fail after a disaster if the owner has failed to take out insurance coverage for the risks the business may face.

Having attended to the business plan and the insurance, Boston MA entrepreneurs new to business should aim to learn all they can about developing and running an enterprise. Courses, mentors and networking groups can all be good sources of information.

Contact Vargas & Vargas Insurance for a quick insurance quote.

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If Your Home is Ever Robbed, Mass Home Insurance Can Help!

Most Mass home insurance policies will cover burglaries. The real damage often lies in the victims’ feelings of safety and peace of mind being snatched away. You can help to keep yourself from becoming a victim. By using the following three tips, you may be able to avoid being the target of a home invasion.

How well do you know your neighbors? This could be the difference between being robbed while you are away and the police being called by a concerned citizen. Introduce yourself and your family to the people who live around you so they can recognize who is a stranger and who is not.

Also, stay alert to your surroundings. Have you noticed a strange man lurking around the neighborhood or has the same car been parked in front of different houses? These individuals could be looking for their next target to hit. Do not hesitate to call the police if you see something that makes you feel suspicious or uneasy.

Additionally, don’t advertise your valuables. You may have committed this no-no without even knowing. After purchasing new electronics or other expensive items, what do you do with the boxes? Individuals who leave them on the curb for the trash collector are basically showing thieves what they could get if they broke in.

It is important to know that many valuables stolen during a home invasion are never recovered. Lessen the monetary loss you could be burdened with after a burglary by obtaining the proper Mass home insurance. A representative of our agency can help you decide on the right coverage for your home. Why not give us a call today? With Vargas & Vargas Insurance, you can get the coverage you need for your home insurance.

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