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Small Household Accidents – To make a claim or not to make a claim

Making a claim on your Mass home insurance is something you may hope you’ll never have to do when you buy the policy. However, apart from major disasters like burglaries or extreme weather damage, there can be any number of small, annoying incidents that may occur in the course of ordinary day to day life that might lead you to make a claim. This can lead to increased premiums at renewal time, so perhaps you could fix some of these incidents without making an insurance claim? 
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An example might be having kids who like to play ball. It may not be long before a ball accidentally goes through a window of your house – if the cost of repair is only a small amount over the amount of your deductible, it may well be worth ignoring your right to claim on your policy.

You have to weigh up your options. A small broken window that you may be able to fix yourself might not cost a lot. Even if you decide you need the services of a contractor, it might cost you more in the long run, particularly if you make a number of small claims on your Mass home insurance. However, a large plate glass picture window could be quite a different proposition. Big sheets of glass are expensive and you may need a skilled glass specialist to cut, deliver and install it – that might be worth a claim for financial assistance. Your home insurance can be your best resource for large and medium sized incidents – but perhaps some smaller problems can be fixed out-of-pocket.


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Building on your Massachusetts Business Insurance

Many small businesses carry the four basic Massachusetts small business insurance policies – property, commercial vehicle, liability and workers’ comp. However, while these will cover you for many standard risks you may face with your business, there are many extra policies that can offer you protection for more specific risks that you should perhaps consider.
Massachusetts small business insurance.jpg
Basic property insurance will cover you for standard risks. However, there are a number of exclusions you will find if you read carefully through your policy. These can include, among other risks, losses due to:

•Internet crime

In addition to these, liability is a fast expanding area. Your general liability insurance is designed to cover you financially against injury claims from individuals who are hurt while on your premises. However, there is a range of very specific liability policies that can offer protection against a number of different potential risks, including coverage for:

•Errors and omissions – for cases involving allegations of negligence or errors in services supplied.
•Product liability coverage –for situations where faulty products might cause a loss to a client
•Directors’ and officers’ liability – for law suits relating to activities of directors and officers.

Every business is unique and, therefore, faces specific risks that are peculiar to their activities and operations. To ensure that your business is adequately covered by the best combination of extra policies, in addition to your basic Massachusetts small business insurance package, you should discuss your options with your insurance agent, who can help guide you through the range of available products.


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Business Insurance Policy Basics:

Purchasing the right business insurance policy is an important task.  While policies can vary depending on business size, the type of industry and its sales, there are four basic types of business insurance that all companies should purchase.  These types provide safe and adequate coverage to the business and its employees.

Property Insurance:  In addition to insuring the building, property insurance covers the company’s physical assets, such as office computers, inventory and machinery.  It may also provide operating funds while the business recovers from unforeseen losses, coverage for equipment breakdown and debris removal after a fire or flood.

Liability Insurance:  While every business works to ensure complete customer satisfaction, a lawsuit can still happen.  People may claim that the business gave them a defective and harmful product, or a service error could have been made, provoking them to sue the company.  Liability insurance pays the damages for which the business is found liable and any accrued attorney fees, medical bills and legal defense expenses. 

Business Vehicle Insurance:  A business vehicle insurance policy provides coverage for any auto that the business owns.  This policy pays third parties the cost for physical injuries or vehicle damage for which the company is liable, up to the policy limits.  Additionally, a business vehicle insurance policy may pay to repair or replace the auto.  If driving your own car for business purposes, discuss this with your agent. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:  Massachusetts’ employers are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees.  It pays for medical care and replaces lost wages when an employee suffers an injury on the job.  If an employee dies as a result of injuries, the policy provides compensation to his/her family.  to learn more about business insurance and receive a free quote for this insurance at:

For any business insurance policy and coverage questions, call Vargas & Vargas Insurance at 877-550-0025 or visit their website,  Vargas & Vargas Insurance is dedicated to finding the right business insurance policy that fits your company’s needs and budget.

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Do Massachusetts Homeowners Need Tornado Coverage?

What type of coverage does your Mass home insurance
include? Many residents have policies that compensate for universal
risks such as fire, theft, and vandalism. How about tornadoes? According
to the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service,
Massachusetts saw 9 tornadoes from January 1st, 2001 to December 31st,
2010. During that decade, twisters created $1.815 million worth of


•    Princeton experienced a tornado on June 17th, 2001 which cost the affected residents $25,000.
•    On June 30th, 2001, Bellingham citizens watched a twister roll through their area but fortunately it caused no damage.
•    On July 23, 2002, West Brookfield homeowners were hit with $50k of repair bills after a storm ravaged the area.
•    August 20-21, 2004 brought 2 tornadoes to the state – the first, in
Pittsfield ($25,000 of damage) and the second in Franklin ($1.5
•    Great Barrington was the next to be hit on June 29, 2005, but the tornado dissipated without damaging property.
•    The strongest in the decade struck on July 11, 2006 in Wendell,  costing residents $200,000.
•    New Braintree saw a storm on July 19, 2007, but incurred no repair bills.
•    Another struck on July 23, 2008 in South Swansea and caused $15k of damage.

While a tornado
may only strike about once a year in the state, there is no way to know
if that twister will whirl by harmlessly or decimate an entire
neighborhood. It is best then to be prepared with the appropriate Mass home insurance to ensure you can access compensation after the disaster.



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Looting: An Unexpected After Effect of Natural Disasters

When purchasing insurance Boston MA residents may consider the various risks they face throughout the year, some of the most common being hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms. One thing that often does not come to mind is the things some people will unfortunately resort to during a disaster. One such act is looting.


There is a certain percentage of the population that will take any opportunity on offer to relieve us of our possessions. Whether it’s after a flood, a tornado or an earthquake, home owners often report having returned home after an evacuation period to find prized possessions missing. It’s an ideal time for looters – emergency services usually have their hands full, and residents and business owners have been told to evacuate or have done so for their own safety.

While you may be spared any real damage to your home during a natural disaster, you still may suffer loss at the hands of looters. To have your home damaged and then find that your possessions have been stolen would just make the experience all the more devastating – Mother Nature and human nature at their worst, at the same time!

For every home owner and business owner it’s always important to have the backup of an insurance policy that can compensate your losses in a range of circumstances. Do you have adequate insurance? Boston MA residents and business owners who need policies or are seeking quotes are welcome to contact us.



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What Do I Need to Provide to Get a Quote with Insurance in Boston, MA?

insurance in Boston, MA.jpg

When it comes to insurance, Boston, MA residents typically need at least one type of policy. Do you own a house? Then you will probably need home insurance. Do you rent? You could benefit from renters coverage. Do you drive a vehicle, whether for work or pleasure? By law, you must have a certain amount of auto insurance. Individuals also often invest in health, dental, and life insurance. No matter what type of coverage you are in the market for, getting a policy requires a certain amount of personal information.

Your name will obviously be needed. Along with your name, you will probably need to submit your contact information, including your mailing address and phone number. Your social security number may be requested as well, to verify your identity.

Purchasing an insurance policy may require certain other records, including your credit report, to be checked. Should you be applying for auto coverage, your driving history could be requested from the local Department of Motor Vehicles. The details of your car loan, if you have one, may also be asked for.

Many times, depending on your credit, the type of policy and the amount of coverage you are buying, a down payment may be required to complete the purchase of insurance in Boston, MA. Boston residents who are protected by an insurance policy may be able to minimize the impact of certain financial calamities in the future.


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Who has the best Whoopie Pie?

whoopie pie.jpg 

Visit our office, 1133 Washington St. Dorchester on February 14th (St Valentine’s Day) and join the sampling (while supplies last) starting at noon! We work with a wonderful baker at the Boston Tea Coffee Company LTD who has agreed to send us 4 dozen of these bundles of joy, Homemade entries are welcomed. but we need your help in getting a couple of other entries, any suggestions on who we can contact?For your vote to count, you must pay $2 that will be donated to a local charity, Vargas & Vargas Insurance will match the donations that are collected.

Don’t want to be a judge? That’s OK, come and sample the pies on us!

Any suggestions on where we should purchase additional pies from?

The winner will have bragging rights to having won 1st place in the 2012 best whoopie pie contest and a gift from Vargas & Vargas Insurance Agency Inc.

Remember judging starts at noon on February 14th.


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who can we call when we cant.jpg 


ICE stands for In Case of Emergency.  This number should dial the person in your family that can respond to medical decisions if you are injured or incapacitated. If you are in an accident, paramedics know to check your phone for your emergency contact information.

Imagine taking a look and trying to figure out who to call out of the twenty or more numbers on your phone. By adding a contact entry that’s designated as an emergency contact number, you can make their job much easier and possibly save your own life.  So program an ICE entry on your cell phone today, as a matter of fact, pull it out right now as you’re reading this article. You should have ICE programmed on your phone, whether you have a standard cell phone plan, or a prepaid cell phone; regardless of how long you plan to keep your phone – do it now! If you have more than one person the paramedics can contact in case of an emergency, you can add additional ICE numbers to your list. Your primary contact should be listed under ICE, and then you can add the other contacts under ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, etc.
Vargas & Vargas Insurance has a few additional suggestions. Make sure…

  • …the person whose name and number you are using has agreed to be your ICE contact and has a list of people to contact on your behalf, including your place of employment.
  • …to always include every phone number for that individual – home, work and cell.
  • … Your ICE contact knows about any medical conditions, medications you are taking that could affect your emergency treatment. For example, any allergies or current medications.
  • … Always include written emergency contact and medical information elsewhere as a back-up safety precaution.

Please tell your friends and family to ICE their phones too! Share this post to spread the word and potentially save a life!

And contact Vargas & Vargas Insurance for an of your auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, Life insurance or Tax services.



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