Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

Your auto insurance policy is a contract between the drivers of your vehicles and your insurance company. When you purchase a policy, you commit to pay the monthly charges on it, called your monthly premium and you agree to obey the rules. In addition, your insurance company agrees to pay for expenses covered in your auto insurance policy that are associated with an accident and other losses that are covered.

What Coverage do I Need?

An auto policy is required to have at least four different types of coverage, although there are many other types than can be added to it. The four types that you must carry in order to drive legally in Massachusetts are bodily injury to others, personal injury protection (PIP), bodily injury caused by an uninsured auto and property damage to someone else’s property of any type.

Other types that you can add to a policy include comprehensive and collision. Many drivers in Dorchester, MA decide to add these coverages to their policies to protect their own vehicle’s physical damage in the event of an accident. Comprehensive and collision is usually required on a vehicle by the loan company that finances a vehicle until it is paid off. Vargas & Vargas Insurance can help you to determine what coverage you need.

Required Minimum Coverage in Massachusetts

Each separate insurance policy has a limit as to how much the insurance company will pay in the event of an accident. You may purchase extra liability coverage if you wish to make certain that you will not have any out of pocket expenses in the event of a serious accident.

Who must be on the Policy?

Your auto policy must list all drivers in your household even if they have their own vehicles. This is to protect yourself in the event that a different family member uses your car and gets in an accident. This includes any licensed driver that is your relative, is related to your by marriage or adoption and drivers who have their own separate policy. It is a good idea to list any person who occasionally drives your vehicle.

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