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Umbrella Insurance in Massachusetts

An umbrella insurance policy with Vargas & Vargas Insurance is put in place to protect you from excess liability above and beyond your other insurance policies limits. It gives you additional coverage for any claims or lawsuits against you on your home, business, vehicle or condo insurance. Umbrella insurance is very inexpensive to secure as an addition to your other policies and it helps to protect your assets and your future finances in Massachusetts.

Umbrella insurance may also be called excess liability insurance. When the maximum liability on any underlying insurance policy is exhausted, then the umbrella policy gives you added protection. It protects you in covering costs of litigation from injuries, property damages and legal defense costs if you are sued for damages for personal injuries to another person or property damages in Dorchester, MA.

Who Needs an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Every person can benefit from umbrella insurance. If you have assets, you will want to protect them from a lawsuit. If a person is sued, they can lose their assets and investments as well as all of their savings.

If you are young and don’t really have any assets, a court of law can still decide a liability case against you and award benefits to the other party if you are liable for any type of damages. In this case, you would have to pay damages with your future earnings since you would have no assets to liquidate and pay the other party.

How Much Coverage do I need?

You can select the coverage amount that you want with umbrella insurance that best fits within your budget. Consider the value of your assets that you own, your loss of future earnings from a lawsuit and if you think you may face any risks in the future.

Property owners can face the liability of any person falling or tripping on their property and suing them. Auto accidents may cause an injury to other persons by your fault, although entirely accidental, and they could easily insure medical costs that are above the limit on your auto insurance policy. This can be especially true if you only carry the required minimum insurance of $20,000 per person or $40,000 per accident in Massachusetts.

Contact one of our experienced agents at Vargas & Vargas Insurance in Dorchester, MA to help you get the liability insurance protection that you need.

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