Our Testimonials

"Carlos and his associates are always kind, courteous, friendly and attentive."

- Colleen Lofgreen

"Awesome Staff who are always going above and beyond!!"

- Kevin Neal

"Super nice, very professional!"

- Rosanne Foley

"Once again Vargas Insurance helps me save some money on my auto insurance! If you need insurance or would like to change your insurance agent, I truly recommend Vargas & Vargas Insurance! Give them a call now and save some money!"

- Paul Alves

"Although I am fairly new to Vargas & Vargas, I am satisfied so far with their knowledge and customer service. They seem to really care about their clients and seek to find solutions to your requests. I hope this great care and customer service continue in the future."

I signed up with Vargas & Vargas because I needed insurance before I closed on my home, the same day. My realtor called a few places and left me with different options. Arthur Hutchinson from Vargas & Vargas stayed in contact with me and told me exactly what I needed to do to complete the process. They also had the best financial options available as well.

Months later, I called the company to ask an agent about changes in my mortgage carrier. Although, I was not able to reach an agent, the switchboard operator stayed on the phone and worked with me until he found an answer to my question. I thought that was highly unusual, especially based my experiences with other companies that simply send me to an agent's voicemail.

Lastly, I attended a condo-owner's class in which a representative from Vargas & Vargas presented information about insurance. He was very personable, answered questions I had about my place, and gave tips on how to pay lower fees for homeowner's insurance. Although I am fairly new to Vargas & Vargas, I am satisfied so far with their knowledge and customer service. They seem to really care about their clients and seek to find solutions to your requests. I hope this great care and customer service continue in the future. I gave the company 4 stars because I am a fairly new client and I haven't been with the company long enough to give 5 stars.

- Anesia Johnston

Vargas & Vargas provides exceptional customer service, its been a pleasure to be a client of theirs for the past 3 years ! Thanks

- Doreen Quintanilla

I was in a car accident early March 2013. This was my first after MANY years of driving. The emotional trauma was worse than the pain of the minor injury that I suffered. However, the pain of 'red tape' involved with Insurance and policies and procedures would have FAR exceeded all of that other trauma and pain had I not had such a great Insurance Agency to help me take care of that side of things. Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency really stepped in and allowed me to focus on getting MYSELF better while they handled the "other" stuff. I write very few reviews, usually sending a "Thank You" note or card to businesses that have met or exceeded my expectations would suffice for me, but there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to type up this quick commendation after receiving such exceptional assistance from this Agency. I've used other agencies in the past, and though they did their jobs and I have few complaints, there is something to be said for people who go beyond the call of duty.

After this accident I had some issues with the coverage for my rental car. I also, had a few problems with my insurance company covering the cost of the repairs on my own car. Those problems I just mentioned were only two of maybe 4 or 5 problems that came at me for sake of this accident. But, before I could have a personal meltdown; after each of them, Vargas Insurance stepped in right On Time, EACH and Every time. The agents reassured me that they would handle things for me and they most certainly did. And just to make sure I wasn't sitting in a corner still worried even after they said they would handle it for me, the agent took it upon himself to call me and let me know that things were all set each time. I even received two calls just checking to see how I was feeling physically after the accident! Great work AND compassion. How about that! You certainly can't find that in many places any more. I am so pleased with this agency and the outcome of this whole situation. I'm still trying to wonder HOW in the world I would have been able to get through it all without them. To add a cherry atop this delicious sundae, I was even able to get a HUGE discount off of my deductible because of them. What a money saver!! I'm feeling a lot better, My car looks Great and my emotions and my finances are still intact. I am so glad that I made the decision to work with an agent as opposed to dealing directly with a company. Probably one of the BEST decisions I've ever made. I HIGHLY recommend this agency to anyone considering using an Insurance agent or considering switching from their current agent to a new one. Life with Vargas Insurance has been stress free and Grrrrreat!!! Thank you so Very Much Vargas Insurance! You really helped turn a traumatic experience into a happy ending!

Many Blessings for continued success,

- Hilda M. Fernandez - A client for life!

After being with 2 other insurance companies, I finally switched my policies over to Vargas and Vargas - and I only wish I had done it sooner! I saved money on my home and auto policies, and their customer service is unsurpassed. You never have to worry about anything as the agents are on top of it all for you. I am a very satisfied customer!

- Samantha C

I had to write a review because this company is right up the street from where I live. They are great people, very family oriented, and supporters of the community.

Most salient however is how much they saved and continue to save me on car insurance. Common wisdom is to cut out the Agent with the idea that it's going to be cheaper. Maybe that's how it works in other states, but not here in MA.

When my car insurance went up, I went looking for competitive quotes from places like Progressive. Without exception, they all quoted me a prices TWICE what I'm paying now for inferior coverage. These companies clearly had no interest in finding me the right coverage, or even in building a relationship - they just wanted my money.

My experience with Vargas is that they are committed to finding you the right insurance, and they have no problem taking the time to explain all of the options. There was even one time when all the reps were busy, and Mario Vargas took the time to personally help me so I wouldn't have to wait.

I've been with them for over 5 years and I've never had a negative experience. I have always found them to be responsive, honest, and fair.

I want to state for the record that I am not on Vargas' payroll or part of any public relations campaign. I am just someone in the community who has benefitted from their expertise and commitment to their customers.

- MJ Nuell

Had a great experience with Vargas and Vargas and enjoyed working with Arthur Hutchinson! V and V presented at a workshop I attended and that was very helpful as well.

- Paul Mills

My wife and I just bought a home and needed homeowners insurance and were directed to talk with Vargas & Vargas. I'm glad I made that call.

I ended up working with Jason, who was very helpful and walked us through all of the steps of getting the best rate on our homeowner's plan. Being new to the whole process, it was nice to have someone like Jason to explain things clearly along the way and he was always reachable by phone or email if we were struck by a moment of panic.

He also bundled in our auto insurance and saved us a good deal of money on both our auto rates and our homeowner's policy and made this part of the stressful homebuying process as smooth as can be. Very grateful for the guidance, excellent service and peace of mind that working with Jason and Vargas & Vargas gave us

- Nathan Cleveland

Exceptional Service. My agent, Arthur, went above and beyond to make sure I had the best policy I can receive at a really great price. I did my own rigorous search and could not come close to both price and coverage. Arthur really made me feel like he dedicated TIME to ensure I got the best I could receive. Please try this place out.


- Maxwell Rosa

I just wanted to that Vargas & Vargas is a great insurance agency that is very community oriented. My experiences have not been as a client but instead as resident and a businessperson. Vargas & Vargas are involved in many fundraisers, either as a sponsor or as a donor. Even though their offices are located in Dorchester and Stoughton, they reach out to all of Boston and beyond.

I participated in their 5th annual Boston's Best Neighbor Award, which is to "honor an individual who has demonstrated special care, concern, and volunteer hours to make their neighborhood a safer, more pleasant, and more friendly community for all of the residents. This individual may have made contributions to other neighborhoods, projects, or citywide concerns." My nomination of 3 residents of Hyde Park won the award. Vargas & Vargas celebrated with a wonderful reception for the sponsors, winners and their guests. It was a great time and everyone left in great spirit.

At any company, it all starts at the top. The president, Carlos Vargas is a genuinely nice person. You can tell that he really cares about the people and the neighborhoods. This sincerity and appreciation stems from the top, treat the employees well and they, in turn, will treat the customer well. Vargas & Vargas left a very positive impression on me!

- Thien Simpson

Buying insurance isn't exactly the kind of thing I do for fun, and it's usually a pretty awful experience. Jeff Camara helped me get my policy in order despite the fact that I didn't really know what to ask for. He was polite, courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt. Hard to beat that! Vargas and Vargas were recommended to me by someone I trust. Hopefully I'll never have to file a claim, but if I do I hope that process is as friendly as getting set up was.

- Mark Pearrow

I was in the process of buying a new home and I needed home owners insurance prior to closing. I remembered listening to Joe Vargas speak at a homebuyers class about the the importance of good homeowners insurance and what Vargas & Vargas can do to help you receive that. I went to the office and spoke to Jason at Vargas & Vargas who explained in detail my insurance binder detailing all my coverages on my new home to give me peace of mind in the event of any instances. Vargas & Vargas got me the best coverage and the best rate for my needs!

- Richard Malcolm