3 Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Trees Before the First Snowfall

homeowner looking at freshly trimmed trees in her yard during winter

Most Boston-area homeowners don’t realize how important it is to trim your trees before the winter season. After all, there is very little information about winterizing the landscape to minimize potential damage. The truth is that nature has its fair share of adverse effects on properties. It would be best for every homeowner to be ready for such seasons and protect their homes.

Trimming trees in winter is one of the best ways to maintain safety and control the size of trees. It can also help to create appealing shapes to make your landscape look organized. Full-swing winter is likely to remove all leaves, and it makes the best time to rethink tree trimming. Here is why.

1. Reduce Tree Exposure to Pests and Diseases

Winter months are prone to various pests and diseases. You can reduce the infection of your trees by pruning as a measure to regulate diseases. There are other reasons why winter is the best time for pruning. For example, you will require pruning of oaks due to oak wilt and beetle infestations.

2. It Preserves the Appearance and Value of Your Property

You can shape your trees to make them look stunning and align with your home landscape. Therefore, pruning allows you to remove branches hanging in the walkways or help to promote growth.

The damage caused by overhanging branches to your house is also significantly reduced to save on your insurance coverage. Insurance agencies will consider all security risks when assessing damage to your home caused by trees during winter.

3. Reduce Stress for Your Trees

Most trees go dormant in winter. Therefore, it is the perfect timing to trim to ensure you preserve the tree’s energy for healing and growth once the season passes.

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