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Does Your Home Pass This Safety Checklist? – Part 2

It’s time for the second part of our home safety checklist! As we stated in the first part “Does Your Home Pass This Safety Checklist” of this two part blog series, there are two important ways to protect your home. The first is with a top notch Dorchester home insurance policy from Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency. The second is by regularly ensuring that your home is safe.

Does Your Home Pass This Safety Checklist - Part 2

We have already covered the safety checklist for many parts of the home, including outside, in the garage and entryways, and the hallways, stairs, living room, and dining room. Now we will share safety tips and concerns for the rest of your home:

Family Room

Seating should be easy to reach and guests and family members should be able to get up and down from chairs without assistance.

Electrical stations (like an entertainment system) should hold wires out of sight and away from walkways.

The room should be clutter free, and easy to navigate without any tripping hazards.


Hot and cold taps on all showers and sinks should be labeled clearly.

If appropriate, install a grab-bar for added supports near showers and tubs, and next to toilets.

Medicines should be in their appropriate containers, and locked with a child-proof lid if there are little ones in the house.


Frequently used items should be within arm’s reach, instead of being hidden in cabinets or pantries.

Flammable objects like towels, curtains, and potholders should be kept away from heat sources.

Ensure that the ventilation system is functioning properly, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding vent maintenance.

Work and cooking areas should be well lit to avoid accidents.

If necessary, have a stepping stool available that is sturdy and easy to move.

Everyone in your home should know where there is a fire extinguisher, and how to use it.

Laundry Room

Getting clothes in and out of the washer and dryer should be easy. If the appliances are too low, consider installing risers or pedestals.

Laundry supplies should be easy to reach for adults, but out of the reach of children.

Tripping hazards like laundry baskets and dirty clothes should be off of the floor.


There should be a traditional light or lamp, a flashlight, and a telephone within reach of every bed in your home.

Closets should be clutter-free, and organized properly. Do not store heavy items on high shelves to avoid heavy falling objects.

If this checklist has alerted you to any changes or addition that you need to make to your home, please make sure that you have all major projects completed by a certified professional. They will be able to ensure that everything is done according to Massachusetts building codes.

Have questions about your home insurance policy? Just call our office at 617-298-0655. We will be happy to review your home insurance policy for coverage gaps, and will check to see if you are eligible for any additional discounts. The call will only take a few minutes, so don’t wait!

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