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Why Is Rental Insurance Important?

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Why is rental insurance important? This may be a question you have. After all, if you live in an apartment or a condo, you don’t actually own the building. You are not responsible for the insurance on the physical building. However, you are responsible for your personal belongings that are inside the condo or apartment.  

Protect Your Personal Belongings

If you are paying rent to a landlord, their insurance covers damage to the building you are living in. If your belongings got damaged, lost, or stolen, your belongings would not be covered under the landlord’s insurance. You would not be able to replace these items. Rental insurance protects your personal belongings from loss, theft, or damage.

Consider This Example

Imagine that your neighbor is cooking dinner and leaves the stove unattended. A fire breaks out, and it causes damage to their unit and your unit. If you have renter’s insurance, then a combination of your neighbor’s insurance, the personal property coverage in your renter’s insurance, and the landlord’s property insurance would all be considered. In this scenario, if you are all covered, all three parties may be completely covered for their losses.

Prepare for Liability Claims

What about liability claims? If someone comes to your home, and you are renting it, what happens if they injure themselves? The liability portion of rental insurance provides compensation if someone is injured while at your home.

Get Coverage for Temporary Accommodations

What if your apartment building burns down? What if your condo has smoke damage? If your home is damaged and needs to be fixed, renter’s insurance can cover the cost of having to live somewhere else while your condo or apartment gets repaired or until you can find another place to live.

Establish an Insurance History

Having renter’s insurance helps establish an insurance history. This is very helpful when you go to purchase a home or a condominium. If you had no claims with your rental insurance, you will qualify for a “loss-free” or “claims free” credit on your home or condo insurance policy, which will reduce the cost of the policy.

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