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What to Expect From Condo Insurance

What is condo insurance? Buyers may be wondering about this while searching for the right insurance plan. Similar to homeowner’s insurance, condo insurance covers scenarios of unexpected damage or losses from a condominium unit. This could include repair costs after a perilous event, repayment for lost or stolen items, or renovation costs for remodeling broken parts of the condo. 

At Vargas & Vargas Insurance, we proudly offer insurance to the condominium owners of Massachusetts. 

Buying Condo Insurance: What to Expect

Getting condo insurance is generally a good idea if you’re at risk of property damage or loss of personal belongings. Some mortgage lenders or property owners will require you to purchase condo insurance to own the condo. Either way, this type of insurance will give you peace of mind in the extreme case of a fire, a storm, or a break-in. 

At Vargas & Vargas, you can expect condo insurance to cover specific policies, such as damage to the plumbing, the HVAC system, the water pump, or broken windows or doors. While often covering storm damage situations, our insurance package also covers theft, vandalism, or impact from vehicles or aircraft.

Getting in Touch in Massachusetts

Before purchasing insurance coverage, you should check with your condo’s association policies to see what the insurance requirements are and what’s already covered by the property owners. Once you know the value of your condo, one of our agents will craft an insurance plan that covers all of your needs. While speaking to a representative, you can expect to be asked specific questions about your living situation – like belongings you own. In Massachusetts, it’s common for insurers to cover computers, entertainment systems, and expensive artwork kept inside the condo. Once you’ve purchased your coverage plan, our agent will explain how you can file an insurance claim when need be. 

Are you interested in hearing quotes? Contact Vargas & Vargas Insurance at 617-298-0655. Our team would be glad to answer any of your questions. 

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