Morning Motivation – Week of November 19, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Are you ready for another one of my famous motivational quotes?

If you happened to catch my post from last week about giving a keynote speech to a mastermind group of plumbers, A/C, and heating specialists here in Boston, you will know that giving presentations used to be way out of my comfort zone. Pushing limits seems to be a theme of this year (and of my life in general). Here is another example of how I am constantly testing my own limits:

What seems like a long time ago, I was double dared by one of the professionals that I have been coaching. She said “Instead of posting a daily inspirational quote, do it in video form!” She told me she dared me to do daily videos for one year.

Well, I never stand down from a challenge, never mind a double dare, so I started shooting a daily positive affirmations on March 6th, and am currently over 200 days toward my goal. You can watch all of them here.  

I have learned from this new daily routine that I have become really great at video editing (check out my first few videos compared to the more recent ones) and that I LOVE my daily routine of finding a subject and then shooting a video. I usually start the process around 6AM and it’s a great way to begin my day in a positive manner and keep it positive.

Have a self-kind and FANTASTIC week ahead! And make sure you check your inbox next Monday to hear about a question that I had during my latest presentation to a group of independent insurance agents.