Morning Motivation – Week of December 3, 2018

Can you believe that it is December already? I feel like this year has just barely begun! Let’s start this month of festivity off with some words of wisdom:

Did you read my post last week about using your hands during presentations? This week, I have another point to make along those same lines.

If we have ever been in the same space, you know that I am a “handshaker” and “hugger” and when I shake someone’s hand I will often tap them on the elbow to show my warmth to them. When I do this with my wife present, however, she always warns me that not everyone likes to be touched, Do you mind it if someone you know touches you on the elbow as they shake your hand and say hello?

Now let me ask you this – when you speak to a group of people, are you an anchorperson or a weatherperson?

Let me explain… when we speak, we have a choice between being an “anchorperson” or “weatherperson.”  As we all know from watching the news, an anchorperson sits stock still at a desk, rarely using their hands, while weatherpersons wave their hands and arms about broadly to indicate weather patterns on a map. If you are reading this post it is highly unlikely that you are in sales, are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, that you were auditioned for your position, or that you were hired because of your skills. If instead you were hired on the basis of the personality you presented during your interview and vetting process, then that personality was your natural style and you should stick with it.

Next week I plan to talk about the status of the insurance industry, and how it’s not on its deathbed like some people would have us believe. It’s going to be a good one, so don’t miss it!