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Is Your House Located in a Flood Plain?

It’s not always obvious that a house is in a flood plain. If you live near a river or oceanfront, you may think you’re safe based on how many buildings or hills there are between you and the water. Even if you can’t see the waterfront from your home, that doesn’t mean the water can’t get you. Agents at Vargas & Vargas Insurance serving Dorchester, MA can help you find out if flood insurance is required, and if it is worth the purchase if not.

The federal government requires that homeowners who live in an area at high risk for flooding purchase flood insurance. Homes that are further away from the waterfront and lack the federal flood insurance requirement may still need flood insurance. Your mortgage lender may require that you purchase flood insurance, depending on the location of the house. Some may assume that flooding is covered by a home insurance policy, but this is not the case. It is also sometimes important to take research into your own hands to learn more about your geographical location.

For starters, you could look up how many floods have occurred in your area in a specific date range. On the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website, you can find a visualization tool that allows you to select your state and see how many times a flood has occurred in each county in recent years.

Ultimately, even if your house isn’t in a flood plain and flood insurance isn’t mandated on your home, the decision about purchasing a policy is up to you. Contact an agent at Vargas & Vargas Insurance if you live in the Dorchester, MA area, and they can offer you guidance on this important decision.

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