Do You Make These 4 Cleaning Mistakes?

4 cleaning mistakesKeeping your home clean and organized is a constant battle for most people. It may seem like each time you clean something, it’s dirty again in no time. It turns out that you may be making some cardinal cleaning mistakes! Almost everyone will admit to believing at least one (if not several) of these four cleaning myths. Read more about what you could be doing wrong, as well as the truth behind the lies, below:

Myth 1: Only expensive products can clean your oven properly.

It’s nearly impossible to keep an oven clean. No matter how diligent you are, something is bound to overflow and make a mess on the bottom of your oven. Fear not, though – it turns out that you can clean your oven with materials that you have in your home already. All you need is baking soda, vinegar, water, and some patience. With this method, you can clean the grime off of your oven without using harsh chemicals.

Myth 2: Don’t wash cast iron pans.

Cast iron pans are made out of iron (obviously), and iron and water are enemies, right? If you let your cast iron pans soak you will end up with rusty pans that you can’t use. But did you know that you can use water to clean your cast iron as long as you make sure to dry the pans thoroughly afterwards? The Kitchn recommends setting your clean and empty pan on the stove over low heat to ensure that it dries fully.

Myth 3: A clean pillowcase means a clean pillow.

Most people throw pillowcases in when washing their sheets and then consider their pillows clean. It turns out that some skin cells and facial oils will leak through your pillow case and into your pillow, so you need to clean the pillow itself at least twice a year. Down and fiberfill pillows can be run through the washing machine, and foam pillows can be vacuumed or run through a no heat dryer cycle.

Myth 4: You need to get rid of all the germs and have everything sparkle.

We’re brought up to think that germs are the enemy. They’re micro-invaders that come into our homes and make us sick. It turns out that letting a few germs slide could be a good thing, though. In fact, some studies say that being exposed to some germs builds up a person’s immune system. In a recent study by Northwestern University, it was found that children that were exposed to germs and got sick more as toddlers had less inflammation in adulthood. So clean your home, but don’t feel like you need to eliminate every last germ from your home.

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