Stay Healthy on Business Travel Trips

More and more business people are starting to travel for work. With this increase in business travellers occurring, we wanted to share some tips that can help you stay healthy while you travel.

Have your health in mind when you pack.

Business Travel HealthIt’s common to try your best to pack light for a business trip, but it’s worth packing a few extra things that will help you stay healthy during your trip. Here are a few ideas:

  • Healthy snacks like nuts and fruit – dried fruits work well for trips if you can’t bring fresh.
  • Workout attire, like lightweight clothing for weightlifting and cardio.
  • Your medications, as well as other over the counter medicines that you may need on your trip.

Stay healthy on the plane.

Don’t be tempted by the gift shop displays and fast food places at the terminal. Stick to the snacks that you have brought, or buy yourself a healthy meal. Also stay hydrated with a bottle of water.
You can also do your body a favor by taking several breaks during your flight to stretch – just make sure that you don’t do so near the forward lavatory of the plane – you may get some nasty stares or a ‘talking to’ from a flight attendant about congregating near the front of the plane.

Plan ahead for meals.

Business travel typically goes hand in hand with eating out. Restaurant meals are notorious for huge portions of unhealthy meals, but a savvy traveller can plan ahead of time and make healthy choices. If you know where you will be dining, scope out the menu for the restaurant ahead of time and pick out the healthiest choices in advance. Just be wary – a salad isn’t necessarily healthy if it’s piled with toppings and a fatty dressing!

Make an effort to work out.

You’re probably going to be mentally exhausted after a long day of business travel, but make a point to put in some extra effort and exhaust your body as well. Most hotels nowadays offer at least a small gym with the basic equipment. Otherwise, you can take a brisk walk and explore the area, or find a workout online that you can do in your hotel room without any special equipment. Body weight workouts are especially effective in this situation.

Create an emergency plan.

It is unlikely that you will experience a medical emergency while travelling, but it never hurts to be prepared. Take some time before you leave to research the walk-in clinics and hospitals in the area, or ask the front desk of your hotel for this information. Having it in advance will save you quite a headache if you do ever need it.

While they are targeted towards people who travel often for business, these tips work equally as well for people travelling for pleasure, so feel free to share this post with anyone that you know who is going on a trip in the near future (you can even use the handy “Share” buttons on the bottom of the page! Also, Vargas and Vargas representatives are available to talk to you about your travel insurance or business insurance policies, just call 617-298-0655.

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