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Recap: Earth Day Celebrations

“Earth Day should encourage us to reflect on what we are doing to make our planet a more sustainable and livable place.” – Scott Peters

We celebrated Earth Day on Sunday, April 22. what did you do to make the world a better place? If you haven’t yet had a chance to make an impact on the environment, here is a recap of a few of the suggestions that we gave.

First, everyone should take the opportunity to learn more about the planet, and how we can help it. There are many debates going on in today’s world about what’s harming the Earth, but regardless of your beliefs, there is still an upside to many of the suggestions we have! In addition, you can:

  • Plant a tree to promote clean air or a small garden to provide yourself with food. Planting flowers could aid your local bee population.
  • Cook a meal that is Earth-friendly using local foods from small farms and favoring vegetables over meat.
  • Reduce the waste you produce or recycle more. Start by donating or selling items that you don’t need instead of throwing them out.
  • Use less water and energy in your daily routine. Have you installed a low flow faucet, toilet, or shower head?

If you want to keep the Earth Day celebrations going, try incorporating one (or several) of these into your routine. You could even go one step further and make a bigger impact by starting a campaign at your workplace to recycle or reduce energy usage.

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