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New Cars Keeping the Elderly Young

New vehicles are shown with lavishing young people behind the wheel, but in reality, the new automobile features are created to keep the elderly drivers on the road! These baby boomers no longer feel old and achy; they feel young and rejuvenated because of certain new features such as; push button start and park assist.  

Push Button Start:

Jump in your car, push a button and go! Push button start is a new hit feature that corresponds withyour remote control car key. Once you unlock your car doors with keyless entry and sit on your comfy leather driver’s seat, plop your key into your cup holder and press the ignition button, your engine roars to life! This system is super convenient for the elderly because many baby boomers have arthritis in their joints that causes pain when physically turning the ignition key. Push button start allows parents and grandparents to drive with more comfort and less agony.

Park Assist:

Park Assist is another luxurious feature that parks the car with no exerted effort expressed by the driver! Once you’ve found the spot where you would like to park, pull up next to the space, press the park assist button and let the car do all the work! Park assist relieves stress that is placed on elderly people’s backs and necks when trying to back into a spot or parallel park. This feature also reduces the potential stress that is created by the driver thinking of getting in an accident while parking.

            In the unfortunate event of getting into an accident while driving or parking your car, be sure that you have the proper automobile insurance coverage with your local independent insurance agent. Vargas & Vargas Insurance Agency is the local independent insurance agent that you can trust to correctly advise you on your Massachusetts Auto Insurance! If your additional needs are Home Insurance, Life Insurance or Commercial Insurance, our experienced representatives always know how to assist you. Call us today at 877-550-0025! 

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