Morning Motivation – Week of March 11, 2019

Happy Monday friends!

You know that I start each week with some positive words of wisdom, and this week’s are:

For the last few weeks, I have been talking about “the next big thing.” Now let’s talk about one of the biggest “time sucks” in your business – the clutter in your head.

Here’s how the problem works – you have all these great thoughts going on in your brain, but they are likely to be all jumbled up and mixed in with the “I have to go pick up my laundry” type of thoughts as well.   

You see, your brain doesn’t have the ability to prioritize thoughts regarding what’s most important.   

When you think, each thought is given equal weight, even though we all know that “to bind 150 new home insurance policies this month (in the insurance world) or get more listing appointments (in the real estate world) or get more of the pre-approvals into underwriting (in the mortgage world) is much more important and pressing than the “I need to get a new file folder for the office” type of stuff.  

Unfortunately, our brain doesn’t give one more weight than the other as far as occupying space in our head.  

What’s worse is that when we have all those thoughts tumbling around in our head, we keep running through the list of what we need to do, and it keeps the brain occupied doing that instead of coming up with solutions.  

Then with all these “problems” with no “solutions” going on in our head, we start feeling anxiety and overwhelmed…which leads to more clutter in our heads and less action actually being taken.  

Next week, my simple solution to dealing with my disparate thoughts.