The “Levels” of Valentine’s Day Relationships

Every February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day in a flurry of red roses and chocolates. Largely considered the holiday of romantic love, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your love to your significant other. How you do this will depend quite a bit on how long you’ve been together. So, which level of Valentine’s Day are you in this year?

  1. Newly Dating – There is nothing quite as exciting (or nerve-wracking) as a first Valentine’s Day with someone. Focus on getting a thoughtful gift that’s not too over the top.
  2. Getting Serious – If this isn’t your first rodeo with your beau, you probably have a better idea of what they like. This makes picking out a gift (or a restaurant) much easier.
  3. Committed – If Valentine’s Day is old hat to you and your significant other, you may want to get out of the rut. Instead of dinner and roses and chocolates, try a weekend getaway (or even just a staycation while the kids visit their grandparents).

Just remember that there is no ‘right way’ to celebrate. Whether you buy lavish presents or opt for a quiet night at home, the important part is to show your partner how much you care.

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