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How Extreme Heat Waves Can Easily Damage Your Home

Heat waves are becoming more commonplace in many areas of the globe. By July of 2022, three heat waves have swept through the United States. And this doesn’t include the excessive temperatures in places like Europe and Great Britain.

Heat waves can be exceptionally dangerous to human life, which is why you need to keep yourself and your family safe. Yet, they are also exceptionally dangerous to the home.

Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.

Wear and Tear to Structures

A large portion of homes are made with a wooden structure. From support beams to floors and roofs, there is a lot of lumber in many houses and businesses.

The problem is that wood contracts and expands due to varying temperatures. This fluctuation becomes more rapid and extreme depending on the ambient heat and cold fronts.

The end result is the wood begins to crack and split in various locations throughout the residence. This can compromise the structural integrity of the building and could result in causing far more damage down the line.

For example, a split support beam is less likely to hold the weight of walls or ceilings.

Leaky Roofs

Speaking of splitting wood, the roof is perhaps your first defense against the elements. Due to its construction materials and ability to absorb sunlight and heat, it’s constantly exposed to extreme weather.

As I mentioned earlier, wood begins to crack as it constricts and expands. This includes the materials your shingles are nailed to. Once the smallest crack forms, moisture can easily enter and begin wreaking havoc on the roof.

This doesn’t include how heat waves can cause shingles and other roof types to warp, exposing the underbelly of the roof to even more potential damage.

Wildfire Hazards

An inevitable outcome of heat waves is the onset of wildfires. You’ve probably seen a lot of news coverage in 2022 regarding the damage these fires have caused just in the first half of the year alone.

If a strong wind picks up, wildfires can quickly consume large swaths of land in a very short period of time.

Even if the fire doesn’t consume the entire home, everything from electrical to plumbing damage can be part of the end result. The smallest fires have the potential to cost hundreds if not thousands to repair.

Foundation and Cement Damage

Wood isn’t the only building material that will be affected by heat waves. In fact, the very foundation of your home can be subject to extensive damage during extreme temperatures and drought.

For instance, when the moisture in the soil evaporates, the foundation is less likely to keep a firm grip on the ground. You’ll often see these kinds of effects on sidewalks and roads as cracks begin to form.

However, the actual foundation of your house can also experience the same fate. And just like the roof, cracks in the foundation can lead to a variety of leaks and other weather-based damage.

Protect Yourself During Heat Waves

At Vargas & Vargas Insurance, we’ll help you stay protected against a variety of weather issues. From heat waves to floods, contact us today to find out what we can do to customize your policies for the future.

The last thing you want to experience is a leak in the middle of winter after a heat wave compromised your roof.

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