Does Your Home Need a Tune-Up?


You make sure your car’s oil is changed every three thousand miles but how often do you think about preventive home maintenance? Just like cars, homes need regular maintenance to extend their life, maintain their appearance and prevent costly repairs.

Vargas & Vargas offers you some tips on the best way to make sure you properly maintain your home.  First make a list of all the maintenance projects that are needed each year. Then, group items into smaller, more manageable lists to be completed throughout the year.


home repairs.jpg

In order to create a complete home maintenance “To Do” list, you should perform your own thorough home inspection, including the following steps:

  • Walk through each room and write down all repairs that need to be done-squeaky floorboards, updated electrical outlets, cracked bathroom tiles, etc.
  • Walk around the exterior of your house and make note of the doors and windows, weather stripping/caulking need to be replaced, broken window panes, does the house need painting, is the siding in good condition? Keep an eye out for any exterior cracks in the home or driveway.
  • Check that the condition of your roof, are the gutters clear of any debris?
  • If you have a wooden deck/porch- is it time to repair it or treated with water-proofing sealant?
  • Examine your landscaping. Are there weeds, bare patches or areas of over-growth, trees that are growing too close to your house?
  • Walk your property line and examine the fence for any needed repairs or painting.
  • Move all dangerous and hazardous materials such as propane tanks away from your house.
  • Make note of all your home systems including appliances, air conditioning and heating units, water heater, water softener, electrical system, etc.

Now you have plan of attack as a Weekend Warrior! Also pull out the home inspection that was conducted when you purchased your home and make a note of any needed repairs. Don’t forget to check your Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (change batteries at least twice per year).