Be A Small Business Employee Rock Star

star-icon.pngGoing through a business interview is one activity that everyone does not enjoy. But inorder to achieve your “dream job” you must go through that interview and rock it! Read our tips in order to rock that interview and become a small business employee Rock Star!

Know the company

When searching for your “dream company”, dig through their website. Do not just look for their contact information to find out what is the best method to send your resume to them. Look at what the company specializes in, see if they have investors or sponsors, familiarize yourself with past projects they have completed and know about anything they support, such as being green. You will be able to share your knowledge at the job interview by asking questions.

Stand out from the crowd

Many job searchers create mass resumes and cover letters that are sent to multiple businesses at one time. Do not be the typical job searcher. Know the company that you are applying to and alter your cover letter specifically for them. Small businesses love attention to detail and this is your first step to distinguishing yourself!

Share what you will contribute

If the company knows what you will be able to contribute starting from day one, they may be more eager to hire you. Why? If you already have skills that they are looking for in an employee, they will spend less time training you. Less time spent training means lower costs to them. Small businesses love low costs!

Use reinforcements

Your reinforcements are reputable referrals. Choose people in your life that know you well and that will have positive feedback about your past working experience and skills. Having trouble finding those people? Check your LinkedIn account for members of your network! Anyone can go to an interview and say how great they are, but a small business loves hearing how important you are to a company from other people. 

Be assertive

Just because a company does not have a job posting does not mean they are not searching. Go to the company and “bang” on their front door! This will show the company that you have certainty; they will want to interview you. At that interview…

Be confident!

The confidence in a person is shown through their demeanor. As no one knows you better than yourself, you do not have a reason to not be confident when being interviewed. While being interviewed, the company may ask you questions about past projects you have completed. Respond to their questions like a pro and you will be on your way to another successful job!

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