4 Add-ons to Consider For Your Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle in Dorchester, MA, you understand that auto insurance is as critical as car maintenance. Unfortunately, many car owners purchase the minimum auto insurance coverage just to comply. While this may seem like a way to save funds, it can bite you hard when the unthinkable strikes. That said, Vargas & Vargas Insurance shares add-ons you can consider to boost your auto insurance for maximum protection. 

Emergency roadside assistance coverage

Have you ever thought about what you may go through when your car breaks down away from home? You might have seen it in movies, but it can happen in real life. While you can’t predict how your car behaves, you can cover yourself with a roadside assistance add-on to ensure that you get services like gas delivery, puncture repair, towing, and other roadside repairs in case your car breaks down.

Engine protection cover

If you reside in a location prone to waterlogging, this coverage is a must for you. Your engine is, perhaps, the most expensive component of your vehicle. As such, insuring it against damage is a smart move to avoid you forking cash from your pocket when a disaster occurs.

Zero depreciation cover

If you have a new or luxurious car, this add-on cushions you against wear and tear when replacing expensive parts. Instead of removing the depreciation factor when replacing parts, the insurance company covers the entire cost of replacement when you have this cover. 

Consumable coverage

When your claim is being processed, consumables like nuts, bolts, and oil aren’t covered in the typical insurance coverage. However, as small as they might be, consumable costs can stack up to significant figures when involved in an accident. Thankfully, with consumable coverage, you don’t have to worry about consumable expenses.

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