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How to Handle an Accident on Your Business Premises

Even though you do your best to keepyour business premises safe, unfortunate incidents may happen.  A guest or customer to your business may be injured, and with colder weather the number of incidents rises. Your Vargas & Vargas Insurance agent most likely explained that the liability coverage of your Massachusetts Business Insurance policy may cover the expenses related to such an incident. What you may not be aware is that your actions at the time of the incident can determine if legal action is taken by the injured party.  There are however some things to keep in mind in the event somebody is injured on your business premises.

Firstly, be compassionate and courteous to the injured person, even if you suspect the injury may be intentionally deceitful with the intention of making a claim. Make every effort to offer assistance, call for medical assistance or an ambulance if the injury may be serious. Get the individual’s contact details, and take notes about the incident including any conversations with the individual, injuries sustained, and the circumstances. Finally, call your insurance agent and advise them of the incident.

Accidents will happen, and even when the greatest care and concern is shown to the injured party, litigation is a possibility. Protecting yourself with the knowledge of what to do and a Massachusetts Business Insurance policy with sufficient liability coverage could help minimize the liability hit to your business. Call us today at our toll-free number 877-550-0025 to ensure that you and your business are adequately covered.

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New Year New Coverages

As 2012has come to a close, we advise our valued clients and social media followers to schedule an appointment with your local independent insurance agent. By meeting with your agent, you will be able to be assured you have proper insurance overage’s, and get the best value for your insurance dollars!

Some additions in your life will result in new insurance risk that must be covered.  Examples of new insurance risks are upgrades to your home(s), having a newly licensed driver in your family, family members who have moved from your home, or the hiring or dismissing of employees from your company. It may be difficult to keep track of changes to your belongings throughout the year. As a result, make note of these changes so you will be prepared at your annual insurance review of your coverage’s.

Vargas & Vargas Insurance Agencyis the local independent insurance that will assist you with your Massachusetts Auto Insurance, Massachusetts Home Insurance, Massachusetts Life Insurance or Massachusetts Commercial Insurance needs. Also, we will be happy to assist youwith the reviewing of your insurance policies. Call us today at 877-550-0025 and one of our experienced insurance experts may be able to increase your coverage’s and help you get the best value for your insurance dollar! 

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