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  1. Community Spotlight – Swerling Milton Winnick

    by cvargas

    As a Boston insurance agency, it is the job of Vargas and Vargas Insurance to make sure that you are financially protected against loss. We couldn’t do that without the insurance adjusters that we work with. When you need to make a claim on your Vargas and Vargas Insurance policy, one of the Public Insurance […]

  2. Community Spotlight – MAHA

    Have you heard of MAHA? It’s short for the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance, an organization that has been active in our area since 1985, with a mission of providing resources to homebuyers and running campaigns that have resulted in affordable mortgages for thousands of homebuyers. In addition, their efforts have created more than $9 billion […]

  3. Stay Healthy on Business Travel Trips

    by cvargas

    More and more business people are starting to travel for work. With this increase in business travellers occurring, we wanted to share some tips that can help you stay healthy while you travel. Have your health in mind when you pack. It’s common to try your best to pack light for a business trip, but […]

  4. Life Insurance Scenario: Missing Body

    by cvargas

    In light of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 earlier this year, we wanted to share the answer to the insurance question that some of you may be asking: What happens to the life insurance policies of those people that were on board? Unfortunately, missing persons aren’t an unusual occurrence. On the FBI’s website, you can see […]

  5. Turkey Frying Tips for Thanksgiving

    by cvargas

    When it comes time for the Thanksgiving meal, you know one thing that is going to be on the table: a turkey. The question is how you will cook the bird. While most families opt to roast their turkey for several hours in the oven, other people swear that a fried turkey is more moist […]

  6. Community Spotlight – Anytime Auto Glass

    by cvargas

    Here at Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency, we have been selling Boston auto insurance for many years. Over all of those years, we have seen lots of auto insurance claims, several of which involve a car breaking glass. This kind of a claim doesn’t have to be a pain anymore. In the Boston area, repairing […]

  7. 6 Ways to Be More Likeable

    by cvargas

    In a way, the human experience is all about forming relationships with others. Some people are excellent at forming and building relationships, while others find it a challenge. If you want to appear as a likeable person to others, there are a few things that you can do to present yourself as such. We know […]

  8. What is Renters Insurance?

    Most people fall into one of two categories: they either own the home that they live in, or they rent it. If you are a renter, then you don’t need a home insurance policy. What you need is called renters insurance, and it will make sure that you have enough coverage, without paying for more than […]