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  1. Influences on Boston Car Insurance Quotes

    When you call Vargas and Vargas Insurance for a car insurance quote, it may seem like our agents come up with a number out of thin air. The rate that they quote isn’t arbitrary, though – Boston car insurance quotes are based on a variety of factors. Some of these factors are explained below: Your […]

  2. The Essentials of a Basic Toolkit

    by cvargas

    There are some essentials that every person needs. One of these is a basic toolkit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a DIY expert, or you just want to be able to hang the occasional picture, a toolkit is something that you will need.  If you need to assemble a basic toolkit, make sure that you […]

  3. Community Spotlight – Milton Acupuncture

    by cvargas

    Here at Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency, we are blessed to have so many great friends in our community. Occasionally, we like to share Community Spotlight posts in our blog to highlight businesses in the area that our customers should know about. Today, our feature is about Milton Acupuncture. Daria Casinelli is a Licensed Acupuncturist […]

  4. Get the Most from Your Boston Health Insurance

    by cvargas

    Health insurance is a part of life. It helps cover the cost of your visits to doctors and your prescription drugs, and that’s all most people use it for. Here at Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency, we want to make sure that you get the most out of your Boston Health Insurance policy – that’s […]

  5. 6 Reasons You’ll Need Life Insurance in Retirement

    by cvargas

    Often, people think of life insurance as a way to protect loved ones in case of an unexpected death while they’re still working. It acts as a safeguard for income that your loved ones depend on. Because of this, life insurance has a reputation of being superfluous once you retire. In truth, there are several […]

  6. Are You Making These Laundry Mistakes?

    by cvargas

    In your home, does it seem like there is an endless parade of dirty clothes, sheets, towels, and other laundry through your wash room? The first key to being more efficient is to make sure that your laundry room is properly organized. Get help with your household organization from our sister blog, First Time Home […]

  7. Commercial Insurance Terms and Definitions

    In today’s world, business owners have a lot on their plates. The last thing that you need to do as a Massachusetts business owner is to take the time to learn the language of business insurance – that’s why Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency is here! We want to help you insure your business without […]

  8. How to Make Better Beverage Choices

    Staying hydrated is so important to our bodies – in fact, water makes up more than half of your body by weight! Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water in order to function. Your body also uses water to maintain its temperature, lubricate your joints, and much more. You need to make […]

  9. Best Places in Massachusetts for Cheap Car Insurance

    by cvargas

    You already probably know that your place of residence has a huge effect on your home insurance cost. Did you know that it also affects what you pay for car insurance? It turns out that the average car insurance premium varies per city, according to Even in the state of Massachusetts, car insurance rates […]