Fear Is My Motivation


I hope that you are getting ready for your long weekend!

Here are a few words of wisdom to ponder over the next 3 days:

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Growing up, school dances were a significant source of anxiety for me. When I was 14, I had no idea how to talk to girls, much less ask them out. What would I say? What if she says no, or already has a date? Where would I run if I bombed or froze up? Those were legitimate fears of mine – after all, isn’t rejection a teenager’s worst enemy.

I know I’m not alone in this. No matter how suave and smooth you may be, putting yourself out there is scary. Everyone’s had that moment where they had to psych themselves up to approach a member of the opposite sex… And the longer you wait, the more anxiety you feel. Then the fear sets in. If I were a braver soul, I would write a whole book about fear.

We’ve all been told not to give in to fear. And more so constantly if you’re a male in our culture. Fear is somehow a bad thing. So is failure. At least, that’s what we’re told. Well, that is a lie!

If you dwell on fear, you get a mental block and stop working effectively toward your goal. If I wrote a book about fear, would you read it? Maybe you won’t read this message.  You’ll skip it because maybe you’re worried (more fear!) that I’ll make you feel guilty.

Fear is a powerful and useful tool. But, just like fire, you have to respect it, and you have to choose to use it that way. Fire is necessary for human survival (cooking food, purifying water, cauterizing wounds), but it can burn a house down just as easily. Fear is the same. It can burn your mental house down.

I use fear to get informed, I am motivated by fear, but I never let it guide me. How about you? Do you feel fear, and are you moving forward? It’s simple, but it’s not easy. Just remember, your excuses will never be as interesting as the story of how you got it done.

I’ll tell you a few more secrets about fear, if you’re interested:

  • Fear without knowledge is amplified.
  • Fear without a plan is debilitating.
  • Fear without a goal is endless

“Fear will crush and dominate more dreams than failure ever will.”

What fixes it all?

  • Fear without knowledge is amplifiedso I seek knowledge of what I needed to do.
  • Fear without a plan is debilitatingso I have a plan to keep me moving forward.
  • Fear without a goal is endlessso I put a simple goal in place.

I create a purpose so I can grab a hold of fear and keep my business (and life) on a simple track.

If you find this interesting, let’s grab a coffee soon. I would love to learn all about you and your business and see if I can be of help, or just learn about you and hear your story.

Remember, I’m always here to help you and your clients win. It’s what I LOVE to do.

Now, go DOMINATE your week!


Insuring a Vacant or Unoccupied Home


In today’s world, more and more properties are vacant or unoccupied. This happened for many different reasons, including dividing time between a primary residence and vacation home, leaving a property while it is being renovated or is on the market to be sold, a rental property being between tenants, and more.

Vacant and unoccupied properties present a risk to insurance providers – whether the unit in question is a home, apartment, or condominium. Vacant and unoccupied properties can attract vandals and thieves, and accidents are more likely to occur and have serious repercussions. Just consider this scenario – you leave your home unoccupied while you are on an extended vacation and a pipe bursts. The damage is likely to be substantial because there is no one in residence to notice and remedy the issue. This makes it easy to see why insurance companies have limits and provisions for these situations.

Oftentimes, a short trip away from your home is not enough for it to be considered vacant. Most insurance providers will require a place of residence to be unoccupied for 30 consecutive days before they begin to drop coverage.

Many insurance policies contain a vacancy provision. Two similar terms—vacant and unoccupied—have specific meanings in the language of insurance and are specifically defined in some policies. A vacant building contains little or no furniture or other personal property.


If you are planning on leaving your home, apartment, or condo vacant or unoccupied in the future, call your local insurance agent to ask about how to make sure that you stay covered by your Massachusetts insurance policy. Depending on your insurance provider, you may only need to pay a small fee to ensure that your current protection continues. In other cases, you may be required to purchase a special policy tailored specifically to a vacant or unoccupied property. For more information, call Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency at 617-298-0655 today.

Is It Smart To Fight A Ticket In Dorchester?

Here’s the first thing to know about fighting a ticket: If you’re not one hundred percent certain that you shouldn’t have gotten a ticket, don’t bother fighting it. The cops have dashboard cams, they file extensive reports, and they have backups to confirm their version of the events. If you think maybe you can stretch the truth or leave out a few details, you’re just going to feel foolish when you get caught doing it. If you think there’s something the police didn’t notice, they probably noticed, and they probably didn’t bring it up because they had enough evidence to serve you with a ticket anyway.

Don’t fight a ticket because you think you can maybe sweet talk the judge, fight a ticket because it was an abuse of authority to issue it in the first place. Don’t fight a ticket because you weren’t the only one speeding, fight a ticket because you weren’t speeding at all.

There is such a thing as an unjust ticket, but the circumstances where a ticket should be fought are actually quite rare, and the circumstances where a ticket has been overturned in Dorchester, MA are even scarcer.

The question is: can you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you should not have been given the ticket? If not, you’re going to spend more time and money fighting it than you would be paying it.

The good news is that any damage a ticket can do can usually be undone. A defensive driving course, for instance, can strike points from your record as if they never happened, and even keep you in good stance with your insurance policy. Fight a ticket if you think you can win, but be realistic about whether or not that’s a possibility.

To make sure you are in a good position with your auto insurance, contact our agents at Vargas & Vargas Insurance in Dorchester, MA. Our agents are ready to answer any insurance questions you may have and can provide you with a policy that fits all your needs. Contact the Vargas & Vargas Insurance office today!

Is Buying a Condo the Right Choice for You?

Here in the great city of Boston, we have many choices when it comes to where to live. You can rent an apartment, buy a home, or anything in between. Sometimes, though, people tend to skip over one of the options – buying a condominium. If you’re looking to find the perfect place for you and your family, consider these reasons to buy a condo:

  • You don’t have to handle any of the outside work. Mowing the grass, shoveling snow, gardening, and more will be taken care of by the condo association. Costs for these services are shared by the owners in the development.
  • Unlike homes, condos often have amenities. Some will offer a pool, theater room, gym, tennis court, party room, or many other possible perks.
  • When you’re renting, your customization options are typically quite limited. A condo, however, you can customize to your heart’s content, since you own your unit.
  • Oftentimes, working with a reliable real estate agent or broker can save you time, effort and disappointments, we work with many very experienced real estate agents and brokers, and we can connect you with one of them.
  • You may find a condo with a smaller price tag than a comparable traditional house. This makes condo living a great option, as long as you consider the monthly fees

If you have considered all of these reasons and decide that condo living is a perfect fit for your lifestyle, (it has been for Kathy and me) remember to call Vargas and Vargas Insurance for your Massachusetts condo insurance needs (even if you are told that you do not need unit owners coverage). We are experts at writing personal condo insurance policies, Condominium Master Insurance policies and we can make sure that all of your belongings are covered, in addition to making sure that your policy contains enough personal liability coverage for your needs. Call 617-298-0655 for a free quote today!

Massachusetts Bicycle Safety

Biking is a great way to get around here in the Greater Boston Area. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, or are thinking of purchasing your first bike, we have some tips that you should know so that you can be as safe as possible when you hit the pavement:

  • Every bike ride should start with putting on a helmet. Make sure that yours fits properly for maximum protection. Riders 16 years old and younger are required to wear a helmet according to Massachusetts bike laws.
  • If you’re going on a long ride, make sure to take along water to stay hydrated.
  • Ride on public roads, streets, and bikeways. Sidewalk riding is permitted outside of business districts. Always ride with traffic – on the right-hand side of the road.
  • When riding, it’s important that your whole focus is on the road. For this reason, you should avoid the use of music players and cell phones while you cycle.
  • Make sure that your bike is kept in good shape with regular maintenance. Brakes should be able to stop a bike going 15mph within 30 feet.
  • If you are riding 30 minutes after sunset or 30 minutes before sunrise, your bike must have a white headlight and a red taillight or reflector, I use these lights on my bike.

If you are looking for more help with your bicycle, or if you are in the market for a new pair of wheels, call on our friend Jack at Ashmont Cycles in Dorchester. And if you’re looking to get more our of your cycling around the area, check out Boston Cyclists Union, and stay healthy (after all, your bicycle is a great way to get some exercise) let your Massachusetts insurance agent know – we can make sure that your Boston health insurance policy is up-to-date and ready for anything!


“Monday Morning May 1, 2017, Are you very poor at forgetting?”

Happy May Day!


As you know, I like to start every week with some words of wisdom,
“Train your brain to see the good in everything.” -Paul Walker

I am writing this newsletter at the Stoughton House of Brews, enjoying some of their dark roast coffee and one of their amazing breakfast sandwiches.  I am meeting a real estate agent friend here who is in need of a little “one on one” training on social media (I can also help you, leave a reply below and we can meet for coffee, maybe here?). If you are ever in Stoughton square and looking for a great place for a coffee (or locally brewed beer, later in the day, of course :-)), you should not pass this great local business up!

Many of us may have heard of the importance of positivity, but few can really tell why it’s important.


So, it’s really important to think positive. But… how?


Thousands of more articles online teach us how to think positive in the most clichéd ways possible. You should cheer up, crack a smile, look on the bright side of life… blah, blah, blah…


Don’t worry! The tips you are going to see below are nothing like those. I hope to offer some practical and specific tips for you to start making REAL changes.


Start with decluttering your life

Get rid of all of the distraction, interruption and clutter that is keeping you from your ‘one thing”, whatever that may be. Getting rid of the clutter that goes on in our brains, and that occupies our thoughts. Maybe it’s a relationship issues or something out of your control. It’s critical to let go of the nagging thoughts and emotions, especially those that we can do nothing about, and even the ones that we can control (like emailing, texting, telephone calls, or spending the day on Facebook).

Instead of letting yourself get distracted by this clutter, set up a schedule to take care of these tasks. I have created a schedule template that I will send it to you, totally FREE if you leave me a message below asking me to do so.


Sit up straight! It’s more than etiquette

While one may think cultivation of positivity always requires conscious effort, in truth it doesn’t.

Sitting up straight may appear irrelevant to positivity, but a study reveals the association between posture and positive thoughts. The result shows that people are more likely to generate positive thoughts and recall positive memories when they are sitting up straight.

So, sit up straight right now! Sometimes tiny things in life all contribute to our well-being without us noticing.


Instead of news, read something uplifting in the morning

It is common to watch morning news reports to keep up to date on the latest news. While it is good not to block ourselves off the outside world, it is important to ask yourself – What is the news mostly about?

In a typical morning, you will see a lot of the same – car crash, terrorist attack, natural disaster. All sorts of disheartening incidents.

I am not trying to suggest a complete break from keeping up on current events, just that you devote part of your morning to something more uplifting in nature.

For example, you could start a Daily Confidence Programming habit. Instead of reading or watching the news, begin the day by reading a chapter of an empowering book. We can also go for our favorite spiritually boosting and inspirational materials. I prefer to start my morning with positive affirmations as my friend Michael Maher teaches.


List 3 things you’re grateful for every day

It is simple and easy to do. Try to list at least 3 things you are grateful for every day. In the end, we won’t realize how much it helps us. Researches reveal a multitude of benefits in expressing gratitude on a daily basis. Being grateful is associated with our well-being. It can also improve relationships and help with emotional maturity. Gratitude can simply promote happiness.

It’s true that we can always find dissatisfaction in life. Same to satisfaction. Half-filled and half-empty glass.

If it seems like there’s nothing to be thankful for in your life, go back to the basics. You are still alive, right? You are still living in this world of mystery and amazement. You still have lots to explore. There’s nothing to mourn on.

There are always angels and devils in our brains. While we are usually the devil’s advocate, try to stand on the angel’s side now.


Celebrate your small wins every day

One easy way to start cultivating our positivity is to write down our small wins on a daily basis. And research has reassured the potential benefits of doing so.

Progress is a lot more than just a step closer to success, as Amabile and Kramer suggest. In fact, if we properly record our progress, no matter how small it is, we instantly receive a confidence boost!

I write every task on a daily list and cross them off as I complete the tasks (I sometimes even add a task after it’s been completed to cross it off!)

So, even though we tend to remember negative events more than positive ones, it is important to practice mind over matter. Focus each and every day on being the best version of yourself, and remark on the progress and the small wins that you accomplish. Before too long, positivity will be a habit, and it’s an important one to have as someone that seeks out success!

If you have any additional positivity tips that you use in your life, I would love to hear them! Just leave me a reply below and tell me what you do to keep yourself looking on the bright side day after day.


And, know that you are LOVED!




Change happens when we take massive and specific action…

This might shock you, but complacency kills!


As you know, I like to start every week with some words of wisdom, and this weeks are:


“Change happens when we take massive and specific action. It rarely happens by easing our way into the process. Either risk it or we don’t. Either go 100% or 0%. Gradual and timid change will lead to drawback to our comfort zone. It’s nearly impossible to move forward without a committed and courageous leap.”

-Author unknown


I told a friend the other day that I don’t understand people who say they are having trouble staying motivated. I said something like “If you’re passionate about what you do, you’re going to be motivated. If you’re not, get out of where you’re at, find what you are passionate about, and get to it. Life is too short!”


Motivation is a Choice

Motivation is part of everything you work on. It’s a task to check off. You have to motivate yourself because you have to stay on target. If your goal is to eat well, then there are times when you’re going to want to have some pizza with friends, but it’ll be your job to say, “I’ve got bigger plans, and this pizza is not a part of them.”


I try to workout daily, usually with my wife Kathy, or with my friends Jeff, Paulo and Jason, and I try to eat healthy. But sometimes I would MUCH rather eat lobster mac and cheese and chocolate cake than another five ounces of steamed chicken breast and broccoli. But I have to remind myself that I like the place that my healthy lifestyle journey has taken me. After all, motivation is something one must consciously choose. And remember – complacency kills:


“Complacency is a sword of two edges. One edge kills hard earned successes while the other end stops future glories. Complacency is a murderer and a barrier!” — Israelmore Ayivor


How to Motivate Yourself:

  • Work towards those goals with a plan, not with a hope and a prayer
  • Have written reminders of your goal or target everywhere – make sure you see these notes throughout the day
  • Keep a small note (I use Evernote) with a list of reminders as to why this goal is important to you
  • Review your goal, your plan, and your reminders daily
  • If you’re in jeopardy of slipping, phone a friend (or you can always call me – I would love to help you stay on target and reach your goals)
  • Remember that discomfort is temporary, and at times can even be a good thing
  • And there’s the ever delightful “suck it up, buttercup” to remind yourself to stop complaining (which saps motivation like nothing else can)


It’s always YOUR job to motivate yourself. Not your boss. Not your significant other. Not mom or dad. Only you own that role. It’s YOUR job. It’s YOUR choice. You can’t pass this monkey off to anyone else.


Target – Plan – Reminders – Review – Repeat. Just like that. Got it? That’s all there is to it!


Know that you are loved!




Tips for Buying a Classic Car


Spring is here, and if you are like some people, you may be thinking about looking into purchasing a classic or antique automobile. When it comes to cars, they just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Sure, modern cars have rear-view cameras, Bluetooth, and a million other snazzy features. But for some old souls, there’s nothing quite like a leisurely drive in a classic car. I’ve done some homework, and hope that you may find these tips for buying a classic car useful!

Do a Thorough Check for Rust – Many classic car experts have one firm rule – don’t buy rusty cars. A few small spots are easily fixed, but any signs of ‘the brown stuff’ under the car, inside fenders, and under doors should be a red flag.

Perform a VIN Number Check – It’s getting harder and harder to find a number matching car. If you can find one, it may be worth more. On the other hand, pointing out that a car’s numbers don’t match could be a good point of negotiation if you’re still willing to buy.

Weigh the Mileage Numbers – Classic cars are all used, but they are not all created equal. Some buyers will only consider low-mileage classics, while others are okay with higher mileage vehicles (as long as the price tag reflects the increased use).

Be Patient – If you’re in the market for a classic vehicle, don’t jump at the first car you like. Wait for a car that you can’t live without. After all, this should be considered an investment – there are plenty of great fish in the sea if you’re willing to cast your line and wait a while.

Get an Insurance Quote – We can help you with a quote on your new Classic Car, or your current Classic car. Just give us a call 617-298-0655 to get a quote on Massachusetts insurance for the classic car of truck you’re considering.


Watch the video here.

I would LOVE to know your thoughts if you own a classic or antique car (or have additional tips) leave a message below.


How Windshield Repairs Can Save You Money

You may not think of your windshield glass as fixable, but often small chips or cracks can be repaired.  Small rocks kicked up by other vehicles can damage a windshield and these are commonly fixed by an auto glass shop or mobile windshield repair company in the Dorchester, MA area.  Minor windshield glass damage may be repaired because of how it is made, and repairs are less expensive than a new windshield.

For a simple explanation, windshields are made by a process in which plastic is sandwiched between two pieces of glass.  Because of this, it allows for repairs of small chips or cracks by injecting liquid plastic into the damaged area.  There are some specifics about windshield repairs, such as the damage cannot be more than two inches in diameter or three inches long, and it needs to be outside the driver’s line of sight. 

Depending on your auto windshield coverage, a repair may cost you nothing.  You should know that the damage may not completely disappear, but it can contain the damage, so it doesn’t spread.  The most effective repair is to damage that is roughly the size of a quarter.  Windshield repairs may fail, and not necessarily because the worker did a poor job, but because the windshield, in general, is compromised by the damage.  Meaning it won’t be as resistant to future gravel hits or extreme weather temperature changes as it was before it was damaged.

Vargas & Vargas Insurance

Vargas & Vargas Insurance has been providing auto insurance and making customers happy in the Dorchester, MA area for years.  They are a community trusted agency, and they want to ensure you have the right coverage at the right price for you.  Contact us today to explore your options.

“It was character that got us out of bed.”

Happy Monday, and I hope that you had a great Easter Holiday weekend with family and friends!

I like to start every week with some words of wisdom, and this weeks are:

“It was character that got us out of bed,

commitment that moved us into action

and discipline that enabled us to follow through.”

-Zig Ziglar

This is a followup on my “Change is Hard” message from a few weeks ago. (If you missed that email, reach out and let me know – I would be happy to send it to you!) In that email, I stated:

“Many professionals start their businesses filled with excitement and passion for their new venture, but quickly realize that building a brand is hard work! Once that realization sets in and business problems begin to surface, it is very easy to get disgruntled and lose your motivation for what you originally set out to accomplish.

In the beginning, your passion creates energy that keeps you moving forward, builds excitement for the next project, and helps overcome fears and obstacles. However, maintaining that passion can be difficult as time goes on, and you might find yourself in a “rut,” or longing to reconnect with the spark that once drove your business. Whether this longing resonates with you currently or you’re teetering back and forth on the fence of business growth, it’s imperative to implement 6 practices into your business to regain focus and reignite your flame!”

We covered the first 3 that week, and I promised to tie all 6 together in another email. Well, I’ve kept you waiting long enough! Here are the other three practices:

4. Join a Mastermind group AND participate – A mastermind group can offer new perspectives on old problems, and provide much-needed motivation and support to keep you going when you feel overwhelmed! If you’re receiving and reading this newsletter you’re probably thinking, “Well, I am a part of a mastermind group.” Yes, that’s the first step. But the next step (and the most important step) is to get involved, participate, and implement! To get more involved, start posting in our private Facebook group with questions, ideas, and concerns (this is a safe environment of like-minded professionals, so don’t worry about any negative or uncool comments). In addition, attend your company’s weekly class and ask questions, send out emails similar to this one to the people that know, like (or love) and trust you, and follow-up consistently and persistently every week with you Dunbar’s 150 (Need help getting started? I have a strategy for that!), and ask for help when you need it

5. Systematize, automate and outsource – What’s the most valuable use of your time? To find out, create a list of tasks that you perform each week and ask yourself, “Are there items on here that could be handled by someone else?” If that’s the case, hire a virtual assistant or a right-hand person who can take care of the tasks that suck up your time and keep you from being productive. Also, invest in a time-saving client follow-up system that automates some of your communications. With this technology, setting up follow-up campaigns for past clients take only seconds of your time, and continue for years without you ever touching it again!

6. Follow-through on new systems and ideas – One of the most important principles in success is follow-through. When you make a plan to implement a new idea or system into your business, the dedicated follow-through is what will make it a success or a failure. There will be obstacles to overcome with any new venture, but the key to a successful follow-through is staying the course through those frustrating and sometimes downright demanding moments of growing pains. It’s also important to compare the amount of change you’re implementing vs what you and your team can realistically handle. Think of it this way: Following-through on one new system or idea will be way more beneficial to your business than starting 10 new systems and ideas and not executing any of them!

And know that you are LOVED!

Now, go out and DOMINATE your week!