Morning Motivation – Week of November 5, 2018

I hope that you had a great weekend! Did you like my last motivational series about how to gain Freedom in your business?

As you know, I start every week with some positive words of wisdom and today’s are:

Today I’d like to share one mistake I used to make (especially when I first got started in sales and marketing). It was a mistake that held me back quite a bit from making progress and that dragged my self-esteem down.

That mistake was that I often tried something – like a personal development strategy or tip – once, twice or just a few times. I thought that would be enough to see results. I have since learned that this is not the case. These tips are not a light switch you can just hit once and then your life is different. Instead, i have learned that it often takes a whole bunch of tries. You may need to work on it for months (or even years!) to get something to work and start seeing results.

When it comes to trying something new, don’t be distressed if the road ahead seems tough. Resist the urge to lower your self-esteem and beat yourself up because something isn’t working for you and it works for others. You could start thinking that there must be something wrong with you when it works for so many other people in the world. Don’t continue on that downward spiral of being down on yourself. There’s nothing wrong with you! Just give what you’re trying out (and yourself) a bit more time.


Recap: Savings Account

“Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.” ― Warren Buffett

Do you put some of your household’s money into a savings account every month? You would be surprised by how many Americans aren’t ready for a potential significant loss in income. Approximately 7 in 10 Americans would feel the weight of a loss of income in a month or less.

Most financial experts recommend that a person or family have at least three months’ (and up to six months’) worth of expenses in an interest-earning savings account to be ready for unexpected financial hardships. Savings above and beyond that amount should be in a retirement or investment account.

Check out our full blog post with more information, including detailed explanations of ways you could be saving more of your money, including:

  • Instituting a waiting period to avoid impulse purchases.
  • Tracking spending to identify savings opportunities.
  • Cutting back on unnecessary expenses.
  • Taking advantage of free entertainment in Boston.
  • Reducing or eliminating recurring expenses.

One easy place to save money is on your insurance policies! Call Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency at 617-298-0655 to ask about how you could lower your insurance payments. While we’re chatting, let us recommend a financial advisor to you. With our help, you could be well on your way to bolstering your savings and being ready for any unexpected future expenses.

Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration. No two families Thanksgiving festivities are the same, but most consist of some combination of good food and the joy of togetherness. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your family (whether that means two or two hundred people) you want it to be perfect. Here are some tips from the Vargas and Vargas Insurance staff on some of the best ways to make Thanksgiving 2018 the best one yet.

Start Preparations Now

Thanksgiving may be more than two weeks away, but that is no excuse for not preparing as much as you can in advance! The most important thing you need to do is make two lists: your guest list and your shopping list.

Choosing your guests can mean the difference between an intimate affair and a huge gathering. When you invite everyone, let them know when you would like to know whether they will commit to coming for dinner – after all, you will need to know how much food to have on hand!

When you choose the dishes you will make, you will need to consider a few things, including what you will ask your guests to bring (if anything) and whether there will be anyone with dietary restrictions or severe food allergies present. Otherwise, you will need to ensure that you have a wide variety of dishes that will please all palates. Many people choose to do a variety of plates with a mix of both traditional dishes and new additions to the Thanksgiving table.

Review Food Safety Tips

Before you even think about dealing with food this Thanksgiving, consider reviewing the basics of food safety – after all, you will be responsible for the continued health of all the people that you host, and the last thing you want is for your guests to get food poisoning!

Thaw the Turkey!

Don’t forget that if you purchase a frozen turkey, you will need to let it thaw fully prior to cooking. According to Butterball’s website, there are two ways to do this. The first is by submerging the wrapped turkey in cold water for 30 minutes per pound of weight. The second is to put the turkey into the fridge ahead of Thanksgiving Day, allowing 1 day of thawing for every 4 pounds of weight.

“Make and Freeze” Foods

Once you have all your recipes picked out and the shopping is done, it’s time to figure out how much of the Thanksgiving meal that you can make ahead of time. You might be surprised at how many things can be made a day or more ahead and then frozen. And they taste just the same when reheated as they did when they were fresh.

Foods that can be made ahead include rolls and even mashed potatoes and gravy. While you’re at it, remember that many ingredients can be chopped and measured ahead of time (think the celery for your stuffing) or made the day before and left on the counter overnight (pumpkin pie).

Before Guests Arrive

When the big day arrives, you’ve undoubtedly got a lot to do. Enlist some help if you can to check the following non-cooking activities off your list. First, make sure that your home (including the walkways outside) are well-lit and free of tripping hazards. You should also make sure that anything fragile is put out of sight, especially if you will have young kids around.

During the Gathering

Oftentimes, hosting Thanksgiving means much more than just serving a meal. People tend to come and hang out for most of the day, so you will need to provide them with entertainment. In addition to putting on some festive music and/or turning on the obligatory football game (the Patriots don’t play until Sunday, but the three Thursday games won’t disappoint), you can also break out family-friendly Thanksgiving-themed games and activities.

After-Party Cleanup

All your guests may have left, but the party isn’t over! You probably still have some cleaning up to do – after all, Thanksgiving tends to be a very messy holiday, especially in the kitchen. Instead of using excessive elbow grease, let tough dishes soak while you do other tasks like taking out the garbage and wiping down the table.

Do you have any more Thanksgiving tips that we missed? Leave a comment and tell us – we would love to hear your cheats, hacks, and secrets for hosting. And, as always, remember that Vargas and Vargas Insurance Agency has all the secrets for the best home insurance in Boston. Call 617-298-0655 before Thanksgiving to make sure that your Massachusetts home insurance policy is ready to protect you and all your guests this holiday season.

Take the time now to do one more thing in preparation for the holidays: program the Vargas and Vargas Insurance 24/7 emergency line into your phone. It is 617-322-5289, and it is the best way to begin an insurance claim outside of our office hours.

Morning Motivation – Week of October 29, 2018

Ready for this week’s words of wisdom? Here you go!

For the last several weeks, I have emailed you to discuss the steps that you can take to gain Freedom in your business. For a reminder of my tips, click here.

To recap, here are the three steps to freedom:

  1. Release yourself of tasks you don’t like doing
  2. Release yourself of tasks you don’t know how to do
  3. Release yourself of tasks you feel you shouldn’t be doing

To succeed:

  • Have desire
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Push out of comfort zone
  • Learn and apply Pareto’s Law
  • Get help by hiring an assistant

Have you been implementing any of my advice into your daily routine? I would love to hear how it has been working for you!

If you need help getting started and want to see how you can do this in your business, let’s set up a strategy session so that I can answer any questions you may have and see if I can help your design your own roadmap.

To do so, click here:

Look out for my email next week, when I will start my next Monday Morning email series all about how to try new things and push your personal limits in order to grow.