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Boston Best Neighbor Contest 2012

Boston’s Best Neighbor 2012 – Winner!

Peter McNamara

BBN-Winner-2012Peter McNamara has been a friend to Savin Hill and her residents for the past twenty – two years. His caring and concern for his neighbors has manifested itself in many ways. He has consistently helped his neighbors, particularly the elderly, with such things as shopping for them, shoveling during the winter, and dropping off gallons of water during the recent boil water emergency. He is also a responder to several peoples’ life alert systems.

In addition, Peter has been instrumental in helping those in need- be it physical or emotional. Peter has opened his home to people who have been displaced from their homes due to fires, marital issues, or financial distress.

In conjunction with his work with the MSPCA fostering abused and abandoned dogs, Peter has placed dogs with people suffering from loneliness and depression.

Recently, Peter has become active in the Neighborhood Crime Watch. He has reactivated the Savin Hill Watch and instituted e-alerts. He proposed and facilitated dividing the e-alerts into local areas as a way of supplementing regular meetings. He felt that in this busy life, people would be able to communicate more efficiently with others electronically as opposed to attending meetings.

Although struggling with a variety of physical disabilities, Peter is an avid gardener and supporter of the Community Gardens Program. His efforts in his own backyard have led to it being designated a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

And, because of his interest in the Community Gardens Program, Peter is actively working to establish a Community Garden on Savin Hill. In conjunction with this project, Peter would like to see a local farmers’ market come to Savin Hill.

For these reasons, I am nominating Peter McNamara for the BNA Award.


Boston’s Best Neighbor 2012 – Runner Up!

John O’Toole

I am proud to nominate John O’Toole for Boston Best Neighbor Award. For close to thirty years John has devoted his time and talents to making Dochester a better place for all. Many us profess our love for this neighborhood; John has demonstrated his through actions. From his early days as Cedar Grove Civic Association, to his recent campaign for City Councillor, John has been a walking example of what commitment and conviction can mean to a community.

John has many accomplishments including

  • An intergral member of development of the Neposet Park
  • 15 year President of Cedar Grove Civic Association
  • Chairman of the Irish Festival
  • Originator of the Tree Lighting

There are so many more

In addition John is the proud Father if three great sons.

A devoted father, brother and son. And a great friend to Dorchester. No better neighbor than John O’Toole

Thanks for your consideration


Boston’s Best Neighbor 2012 – Runner Up!

Michael Doyle

We decided to get together and nominate a neighbor who we thought exemplifies the criteria for Boston’s Best Neighbor; a person who has made their neighborhood safer, more pleasant and a friendlier community for its residents. We respectfully nominate Mr. Michael Doyle.

Michael Doyle, formerly of South Boston (although we don’t hold that against him) has been a Cedar Grove resident for 15+ years. Michael married a “St. Peter’s girl” and together they have been raising their three sons on Hilltop Street in Dorchester.

Back in the spring of 2006 when our teens were dealing w/tensions from their counterparts in West Roxbury and vandalism, littering and loitering were striking our neighborhood Michael stepped up to the Plate and organized a meeting between the Mass. State Police and the Boston Police officer in West Roxbury and C/l1ofDorchester and invited all the parents and grandparents of the local teens into his home in an effort to get to the root of the problem and find out what we as parents could do before things turned violent and possibly tragic. This meeting was attended by over 60parents, (no politicians were included) This meeting was more than informative, item powered us as parents to get involved! The police gave us their help, advice and contact information and went on their way and we as parents remained behind and the talking began, then the exchange of phone numbers and emails took place.

What we realized at that meeting was that our neighborhood was missing fundamental resources to help us keep our kids off the streets and tools to educate them to the dangers of hanging in parks. Craig and I look back at that meeting and believe it was the catalyst to two great institutions we are now lucky enough To have in our neighborhood. One parent researched grants and fought for a drug program in Dorchester and thanks to the Neponset Health Center and Carney Hospital we now have DSAC, Dorchester Substance Abuse Coalition. Other parents decided to work with the Mayors Office and increase the hours and programming that were deficient/lacking in our only community center and look what we have today…the Leahy-Holloran Community Center not only improved 100% but for the last three summers has even run teen programming out of the Devine Skating Rink thanks to a partnership with the City of Boston and Dept. of Conservation & Recreation!

Michael has been instrumental in shaping the lives of Dorchester youths. He is the volunteer Director Of St Ann’s CYO Basketball, which is a program used by over 450 neighborhood youth. The job entails hundreds of hours of hard work. He also has been coaching in both the Basketball program and Cedar Grove Baseball for years, and in both coaching positions, he asks the kids to reach beyond what they believe they can do. He is a true leader in our community, and in our eyes that makes him a great neighbor. Mike also sits on the 25 person council for the Leahy-Holloran Community Center and fund raising is his specialty, whether it is selling the most 10k tickets of anyone on the board or asking businesses to contribute auction and raffle items. ..Mike delivers and we hope you deliver this prestigious award to Mike, we hope you agree that Michael Doyle is Boston’s Best Neighbor!